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Benefits of Bee Pollen and Honey for Dogs

I’ve had terrible hay fever most of my life.  Three things helped me. We chopped down the dead and dying trees on our property (Alder and Cottonwood are my kryptonite). I started putting local raw honey into my tea. And I now use Flonase 1-2x a week. I never thought... read more

Never Follow a Dog Nutrition Blogger Blindly

Every now and then I get an email or comment questioning my right to give advice when I’m not a veterinarian or nutritionist.  This is an important question and I always respond that I’m sharing my experience with our 4 dogs, not giving advice. This... read more

A Biased Review of Dog Supplements by Vitality Science

We had an opportunity to try several dog supplements by Vitality Science in exchange for an honest review. I was  impressed with how well they worked for our dogs.  Usually when someone contacts me about supplements for our dogs, I’m preparing to be completely... read more