Picky Eaters | 5 Ways to Tempt Your Dog to Eat Their Food

Our dogs love their food and I rarely have to tempt them into eating, but there are days when they don’t seem to have much interest (Scout and Sydney, I’m talking about you two).  The following tips are things you can do whether your dog eats a raw or kibble diet. ... read more

Omnivores or Carnivores | In Which Camp Do Dogs Belong?

I’ve gone back and forth on the Omnivore / Carnivore argument and at this moment, I firmly believe dogs are carnivores, because of their sharp teeth and short digestive system.  Our dogs’ teeth are shaped for tearing meat, like a wolf, which is a carnivore.  Omnivores... read more

Nutritional Consultations Show Us What Our Dogs Need

I was floored when I read that some dog owners regularly have blood work done on their dogs.  At the time, I felt like raw feeding was becoming more and more complicated – and expensive. I haven’t had blood work done, but I have had 4 nutritional... read more

Are You Ready to Switch Your Dog to Raw?

Many people I meet who are interested in raw feeding remind me of how unprepared I was for the change.  Here are some questions to ask yourself to better prepare you and your dog for this great new diet!

7 Random Things that Can Happen To Your Dog

Be Prepared for the Random!

Every day with our dogs is a blessing, but there are days (skunks, anal glands, and allergies) that require more patience.  This report will arm you with some tips to help you hold on to your patience and enjoy your dog.

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