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This is a sponsored post.

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month!  There is a page on Keep the Tail Wagging that lists foods and items that are poisonous for dogs, but I think it’s important to repeat the list every now and then simply, because we almost made the mistake of feeding our dogs grapes, not realizing that they’re toxic.  Now, we Google everything.

I want to thank the folks over at UK’s Dogs Corner for submitting this fantastic list to help us keep our dogs healthy and safe!

5 Common Foods that Can Poison your Dog

My dog’s a true master of the art of guilt-tripping. It’s hard to say no to those big brown eyes and wagging tail as he pleads for just a morsel of the dinner I’m enjoying. I’ll happily share my greens and fresh grains, but there’s a lot of people food that’s toxic for dogs. In fact, seemingly harmless healthy treats like grapes and raisins can be poisonous to dogs, which is why it’s important to find out more about what you can and can’t feed your dog. In an ideal world, we’d all strictly stick to the prescribed kibble but dogs are excellent beggars, and highly skilled at getting into foods they shouldn’t.  The following are five foods that can poison your dog, and which should be kept well out of reach!

1. Chocolate 

Although most people already know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, I’m going to repeat it because it’s important. There’s a compound called theobromine in all forms of chocolate which is toxic to dogs, causing indigestion, excessive thirst, and seizures. In high doses, chocolate can even be fatal. The most dangerous forms are dark and baking chocolate.

2. Grapes and Raisins

Grapes may seem like naturally healthy treats for dogs, but they are unsuitable and even poisonous. Even a handful of grapes can make a dog sick, and larger doses can lead to kidney failure. One early sign of poisoning is repeated vomiting, with later signs of illness including lethargy. If your pooch seems sluggish after eating raisins, take him to the vet. You’ll want to keep your fruit bowl well out of reach.

3. Macadamia Nuts

Foods containing macadamia nuts are a no-no for dogs, with chocolate macadamia-nut cookies the worst offenders. As few as six nuts can make a dog sick. Symptoms of macadamia nut poisoning could include muscle tremors, vomiting, paralysis, and rapid heart rate. If you notice your dog shivering even when wearing dog coats, it’s time to see the doctor.

4. Avocado

There’s nothing more delicious than guacamole, but it can be dangerous to dogs. There’s a substance known as persin which is located in the fruit, leaves, and seeds of avocado plants. Most people can tolerate persin, but dogs can’t. A small amount of avocado is probably harmless but in larger doses this can lead to indigestion and symptoms of poisoning. If you grow avocado trees at home, be sure to keep them behind a gate so that your dog can’t eat any part of the plant.

5. Onions and Garlic

If you adhere to the Mediterranean diet, you may put onions and garlic in everything. Unfortunately, food cooked with onions and garlic should be kept away from dogs at all costs! Even onion powder or dehydrated garlic can be poisonous to dogs, destroying their red blood cells and leading to anemia  Although the occasional small dose won’t kill a dog, larger amounts could cause illness.

As you can see, there are plenty of foods that are healthy for people but toxic for dogs. It’s always a good idea to speak to your vet if in doubt or simply stick to food that has been designed specifically to meet a dog’s nutritional requirements. Click here for dog treats and accessories to keep your best friend happy and healthy.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post sharing foods that can poison your dog; Keep the Tail Wagging was paid to host this content.  The links to this post are from a DogsCorner.co.uk, a UK pet company.  All content in this post has been reviewedfor accuracy.


Have you made the mistake of feeding your dog something that wasn’t great for them?

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