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Why We No Longer Feed Our Dogs Life's Abundance Dog Food


When I started Keep the Tail Wagging I was soon introduced to Life’s Abundance and saw it as a fantastic business that I could build from home.  Life’s Abundance makes dog and cat food with the finest ingredients that I was excited to feed to our pets and promote to dog lovers through my blog.

Today, over a year later, I am no longer a Life’s Abundance representative and we feed our dogs raw food.  Quite often, someone will reach out to me to ask about my thoughts on Life’s Abundance and their products – Spoiler Alert: I have no issues with their products or their company.  I made the choice to stop being a Life’s Abundance representative 6 or so months after I started for many reasons.

Rodrigo is Allergic to Chicken

One thing that we’ve experienced with Rodrigo is obsessive paw licking.  Our first veterinarian said that it’s normal, because some dogs have a reaction to grass.  When he continued licking is paws in the winter, it was because they’re sensitive to the cold.  The research I’ve done as a pet blogger made me wonder if it’s a chicken allergy.  Every food that Rodrigo has devoured from 8 weeks was a chicken recipe.  Once we switched to Halo Pets, we started buying the Salmon Formula and the Lamb Formula and making sure that Rodrigo’s paws were clean, and voila! the obsessive licking stopped.  We’ve since switched the Halo’s Purely for Pets kibble.  Update: our dogs are now on a raw food diet, however, I believe that Life’s Abundance and Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry Dog Food are 2 quality pet foods.  I also believe that Halo Purely for Pets is superior to Life’s Abundance, because Halo offers a choice in proteins (chicken, lamb, salmon, and a seafood blend).  

Symptoms of Chicken Allergies in Dogs

Did you know that allergies to food is thought to be responsible for 20% of all cases of scratching and itching in our dogs?  I learned this when I was researching chicken allergies when Rodrigo was licking his paws like crazy.  Dogs can develop allergies to chicken at any time in their life; so it’s not surprising that Rodrigo has been eating chicken for his first year and then a few months into year 2, he started licking his paws like crazy.

What we noticed was his paw licking.  He would be licking his paws for an hour if we let him.  Dog parents will notice intense licking and scratching that can lead to skin problems in the area.  Sometimes dogs can have tummy issues too.

We didn’t have him diagnosed.  Being a pet blogger, I started learning loads about dog health, including chicken allergies.  And by comparing notes, I decided to try changing Rodrigo’s food and the paw licking stopped.

Update: In 2015, each of our dogs was tested for allergies and they now have a chicken intolerance.  I’ve also learned that if you have a dog who is having a reaction to a chicken kibble, it may not necessarily be the chicken in the kibble; there are many ingredients in kibble that may be causing the problem.  Because Life’s Abundance doesn’t have undisclosed fillers or mystery proteins, it may be safer for dogs than other chicken kibbles on the market.

Learn more about chicken allergies HERE.

Encouragement to Sell to Dog Breeders

When I signed up with Life’s Abundance, I was told that I could build my business how I saw fit and that was perfect, because I wasn’t sure where I was going with Keep the Tail Wagging, which was my priority.  When I started Keep the Tail Wagging, I wanted to promote dog rescue, but also educate people about how to find a reputable breeder.  I felt (and still feel) that there was room for both choices.  As the months passed and I learned more about dog rescue, I started to question if I could support dog breeding.

At the same time I was grappling with this choice, I was being encouraged to build my “downline” – the people I signed up to sell Life’s Abundance – through dog breeders.  It wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing.  If I don’t support dog breeding, how can I sell them the business of Life’s Abundance?

Today, I support reputable dog breeders; dog lovers who love their breed and want to continue providing the world with healthy, wonderful dogs.  I also support responsible dog owners who think carefully before adopting a dog (or multiple dogs), spay and neuter their dogs, and train and socialize their dogs.

Mail Order Doesn’t Work for Our Family

Although Life’s Abundance allows customers to set up an auto-shipment to receive food on a regular basis, I could never get it right.  In fact, this is how we ended up trying Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry Dog Food.  We would run out of Life’s Abundance and I had heard so many great things about Halo Purely for Pets that I decided to give it a try.  The dogs loved Halo, they offer formulas other than chicken, and I could pick it up at the local pet store on the way home.

There are No Coupons for Life’s Abundance

If you feed your dog premium, holistic dog food, then you know that it’s not cheap.  Halo Pets offers coupons online and in stores and my Petco PetPals membership allows me to earn $5-$10 off our dogs’ food each month.  Saving money has been a great bonus now that we live in a multi-dog home.

I Suck at Direct Marketing

There are many direct marketing opportunities out there and it’s a great way for a blogger to make money if you’re good at sales.  What I learned in my short stint in direct marketing is that the money comes from building your downline, not in selling the product.  Get people to sign up and let them sell for you.  I just sucked at it.

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