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A bowl full of Sam's Yams for our dogs

I’ve shared many times that I give our dogs 100% pure pumpkin (in the can, no spices added).  I also give them sweet potatoes as a treat and they have their own benefits…

  1. The amino acids in sweet potatoes help maintain healthy, strong and lean muscles.
  2. The amino acids also boost antioxidant activity, which helps to protect against cancer and other diseases.
  3. Sweet potatoes help keep our dogs’ organs healthy.
  4. Sweet potatoes are a high fiber vegetable, which makes it fantastic for our dogs’ digestive system.
  5. Sweet potatoes make the most amazing fries on the planet. The benefit? They make me happy.

6.  The coolest thing about sweet potatoes is that you can get chews!

They don’t last as long as a rawhide, Nylabone, or deer antler – but our dogs get all the health benefits listed above, they love them, and it takes the dogs a little time to work one down.

We have a kid’s red wagon’s worth of Sam’s Yams (by Front Porch Pets) in various sizes – treats for the adult dogs and treats for the puppies.  I’m never surprised that our dogs show happiness at the opportunity to try another treat.  I know we have a winner when Rodrigo chews his down and returns for another, because he’s the pickiest of our reviewers.

When it comes to our dogs diet, I’ve become more particular about what they’ll eat and turn down lots of opportunities for reviews, because so many treats come with added sugar, corn, soy and wheat.  If it’s a chicken (or other protein) treat, then either there’s very little chicken or non at all.

So I jumped on the opportunity to review these and our dogs love them, we love them and I think you will too.  I can’t believe I’ve never heard of these.

The Dogs Waiting for Sam's Yams

Products we tried (see what I mean by the kid’s red wagon?)…


  • 100% sweet potatoes; nothing else is added during production.

Sam’s Yams v Rawhide Chews…

Our dogs haven’t had a rawhide chew in years although it’s tempting to pick them up.  But Sam’s Yams give you all the benefits of Rawhide without the crappy stuff.

  • Our dogs love how they taste and they love taking the time to chew them.
  • The grooves in the sweet potato chews clean our dogs teeth.
  • Lots of vitamins not available in rawhide chews.
  • Sam’s Yams are digestible; I used to worry about the rawhides getting lodged in our dogs’ digestive tracks.
  • Sam’s Yams aren’t bi-products and they’re all natural.

Warnings about Sam’s Yams

  • One is never enough.  The dogs will want another.  They may even bark to let you know.
  • For 30 minutes after their treat, every time you go near the treat cabinet/counter or kitchen – the dogs will follow you.
  • Your dogs’ next poop will look orange.


Have you heard of Sam’s Yams?

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