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7 Things About DGP for Pets that You Should Know

DGP for Pets, Keep the Tail Wagging

As part of my spring cleaning, I go through our dogs’ supplies to make sure we’re stocked up for a few months.  One must have in our home is DGP for Pets.  Both Rodrigo and Sydney have arthritis and Sydney is still slowly recovering from a partial cruciate tear.

Although we finally have their joint maintenance down…

We still need pain relief for when our dogs over do it or when they wake up feeling a bit stiff.  And since our dogs need a little pain relief once a week or so, we keep our house stocked up on DGP for Pets.  I place an order on 3x a year.

DGP for Pets bottle with tablets

If you’ve never heard of DGP for Pets, here are a few things you should know…

1.  DGP is all natural – our vet approves and we were able to use it with an anti-inflammatory prescribed by our vet (we always get approval first).

2.  DGP can be used daily and long term without worry about the impact on our dogs’ kidney and liver.

3.  DGP isn’t bitter and tastes great with peanut butter, hot dogs, or crushed up in our dogs’ food.

4.  DGP works fast!  I can give it to Rodrigo and Sydney when I notice that they’re a bit stiff or sore and see a noticeable difference in an hour or so – I usually give it to them before bed so that they don’t wake up stiff the morning after a long walk.

5.  DGP combined with a joint care supplement, allowed our dogs to return to their normal, playful selves.

6.  DGP is an affordable alternative to prescription pain relief and it can be picked up on Amazon, 1-800-PetMeds, and

7.  DGP can be given to cats too.

I know I have 4 bottles around this house somewhere and in the aftermath of our tiling project, I’m excited to get the house back in order so that I can track them down and put them in the dogs’ first aid kit.

DGP for Pets, Dog Gone Pain


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  1. I sure wish something like that was available for the doggies that lived here years ago.

  2. At one point in time, Glucosamine had animal brains in it and some family members of CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) patients felt that was their biggest possible exposure. I understand that those ingredients were removed after much complaint but “natural” doesn’t automatically mean “safe.”

    My own father died of CJD and his likely exposures were eating sheep and goat brains which for some unfathomable reason are STILL on the menus of many upscale restaurants!!!!

  3. It seems like a quite useful, before this I have never heard of DGP like product. I would like know is this supplement can be given to pet with regular food or not. Are there any side effect of using DGP?

    • Hi Alexander – you can give this with food. I give it with a little bit of peanut butter. There have been no side effects with our dogs.


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