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Start the New Year Off with a Pet Care Savings Account @WomensDay

In 2012, I learned that I need to save more.  I spent and spent, because I was so focused on creating my Keep the Tail Wagging empire, so I wasn’t making savings deposits like I did in the past.  And then we met Riley and my savings nearly vanished.  Despite reminding me that I need to save more, our experience with Riley helped shape the direction of Keep the Tail Wagging and opened up many cool opportunities, including an interview with Women’s Day Magazine where I was quoted about our pet care savings account.

A New Year, A New Savings Account

As a dog parent, you’re well aware that accidents happen and it sucks when money has to be redirected from fun stuff to our obligation as custodian of these sweet animals.  Of course, we pay the vet bills without a second thought, but it doesn’t have to result in a financial hit.

Our Other 2012 Vet Bills

Last year, we invested in pet insurance and I opened two accounts (for pet care and household emergencies) and deposit $50 into each one each month.  We’ve had the following pet care expenses since opening our pet care savings account and each one was covered:

  • Sydney pulled a muscle (exam + pain pills)
  • Blue’s final vaccinations
  • Blue’s puppy pyoderma (3 exams + antibiotics)
  • Rodrigo’s pyoderma (exam + antibiotics)
  • Rodrigo’s exam after a dog fight ( exam + pain pills + antibiotics)
We were lucky that Rodrigo’s run in with the coyote didn’t result in anything beyond a phone call to their vet.

If you have a pet, I encourage you to open up a separate pet care savings account (just a regular savings account) and deposit what you can to create a cushion in your pet care budget.

 My feature is on Page 152


I read this great post over on The Uncommon Chick (one of my favorite blogs) and she shares a 52 Week Challenge to help us save money which is easy to follow and I think is an appropriate addition to this post.

“The concept is simple and doable for a lot of folks. Basically, you start with $1 and each week thereafter, you deposit increased amounts. If you can’t do the entire amount each week, at least do SOMEthing. You’ll be glad you did by the end of the year!   Oh and don’t try to keep the money in the house somewhere in the closet; actually go to the bank because you know you’ll be skimming off the top – out of sight, out of mind right!”

Originally shared by The Official James Fortune Facebook Page

Do You Have a Pet Care Savings Account?


  1. We can’t save for our own health care, LOL. So I’m not sure about saving for the dogs. That’s a great idea though, vet bills are always unexpected and expensive.

    • It’s so upsetting that this is the case; I’m hoping to see a change in the economy to allow for people to start saving.


  2. I’ve been going back and forth about pet insurance – with three dogs and two cats we need to do something the unexpected cots of having pets never mind about the routine costs. I like the idea of setting an amount aside – every little bit helps.

    • I was going back and forth for a while. Talking to the CEO of Trupanion helped me make my decision. My worry was having breed specific illness not covered and only learning after paying into it for a few years.

      Even if we only save $5 a month; at least it’s a start and gets us started on a new habit. I’m going to update the post with a new idea that I got from another blogger. Stay tuned!

  3. Great idea, and congrats on being in Woman’s Day. Very cool!

    • Thanks, Jackie!!!

  4. Very interesting! I know several people that do this. My hubs takes care of the check book and trust me, he fudges numbers, says we are broke yet we are sitting nicely. He does it in case of any emergencies, which Titan is priority for that. But some people just don’t have the extra money to put away and this is when they get into trouble when their pet gets injured and they can’t even afford to go to the vet and something horrible happens. So totally sad. Anywho….. I’m rambling but yes, this is a great idea!

    • Brenda – you are so right. I’m not rolling in dough,but I can set aside money for our dogs and I’m thankful for that and I’m hopeful that I won’t ever need it. :)

  5. Truly your article can be applied to any area you need to cushion. I need to apply this to car maintenance, I do not have pets, because our children last year cost a lot of money in tickets and maintenance. I will forward your site to my co-worker. She’s a dog lover. Stopping by from SITS.


    • So very true and thanks for passing on my site. Golly, tickets and maintenance. I don’t have kids so I forget the added cost to have teen drivers. Last year, I spent nearly $2500 on car repairs. Thank heavens I didn’t have any tickets to add to that number.

  6. Awesome I never saw this one :) We need to do this too Harley our English Bulldog is also named “The Money Pit’ LOL


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