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Last week I was rear ended.

I was going south on I-5, I was stopped for traffic and the guy behind me didn’t stop until he slammed into my rear end bumper.

I’m damaged (but I’ll live), my car is damaged, and what seemed like a minor fender bender at 6:20am has turned into a major pain in my butt (back and hip).

My car is almost paid off.  It’s only worth a little more than I owe on it.  Repairs might add up to more than it’s worth.

Will my car be totaled?

I don’t know how I’ll feel about my car being totaled, giving it up, or whatever happens when this happens.

But, I did let my imagination have a little fun as I imagined what type of car I’d get and brand highest on my wish list is a Subaru and not totally because of the dog approved campaign.

I’m not about to get a car, or am I?

A Dog Mom's Wish for a New Dog Car, Subaru

I love the new Subaru CrossTrek, but it’s too small for our pack so I was thinking of a Suburu Outback.  But that’s not all…

Color – I’m partial to blue, because of Blue, because blue is my favorite color, and because my blog is blue and white.  But I like the dark red too.  Maybe even a little more.  For now, I’m stuck on these colors,but the interior has to be black fabric (four dogs)…

  • Twilight Blue Metallic
  • Venetian Red Pearl
  • Caramel Bronze Pearl
  • Ice Silver Metallic

Extras – I don’t need anything fancy.  I want it to be an automatic and I would love to have a hook up for my iPod (podcasts).  I’m really low maintenance, it’s all about the dogs at this point.

Dog stuff – which brings us to the accessories for the dogs.  I gave up on having a pretty car; I just want to keep our dogs on the seat, in their seat, in the car, and safe while we drive from the house to the park and back again.

Here is my shopping list for a new dog car…

__X__  Rear dog seat cover by Ruff Armor – this is super tough and can stand up to four dogs over time, protecting my car.  I currently have a Kurgo Wander Dog Hammock Seat Cover in Khaki with Orange that are pretty awesome.  The hammock does the best job keeping the dogs on the seat if you don’t use a seat belt tether.

Ruff Armor Rear Dog Seat Cover

Kurgo Wander Hammock Seat Cover in Khaki with Orange

_____  Kurgo Backseat Barrier for Cars and SUVs – because Sydney and the puppies love trying to jump into the front seat (Zoey wants to be in my lap) and a barrier will keep them safely in their part of the car.

Kurgo Backseat Barrier for a Dog Car

_____ Breezeguard Screens for the car windows – we live in an area where rock chips are a normal occurrence and I’ve stopped replacing my windshield.  The thought of those rock chips hitting our dogs as they hang their heads out so I love Breezeguards.

BreezeGuard Screens by Mutt Managers

_____ Kurgo Direct to Seat Belt for Dogs – my accident was a great reminder of how something that seems minor  can still lead to a lot of damage.  I hate to think of how hurt our dogs would have been if they had been in the car with me so I like the idea of keeping them tethered to the seatbelt so that they’re not being thrown about the car.

Kurgo Direct to Seat Belt Tether

I still have no idea if I’ll be driving a new (or new to me) dog care in a month or so, but it has been fun thinking about getting a car that’s meant for a dog family rather than getting a car and trying to make it work for a dog family.

So what type of car do you have?  Does it work for you and your dogs?


Update: there are 12 more days in the Booster.com campaign.  We’ve only sold 13 t-shirts, we have a long way to go to really make enough to support Scrub-a-Mutt!  Please Rock a Keep the Tail Wagging t-shirt and support rescue!

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