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My name is Kimberly Gauthier (go-tee-ay) and I’m a fur mom.  We have three dogs and two cats running around our house here in the Pacific Northwest.  I started blogging for fun and it turned into a great business that allows me to yammer on about our dogs while investigating the whys of dog care.

Dog lovers love Keep the Tail Wagging simply because they get to interact with one of their own.  My blog is similar to the Mom Blogs out there that share a daily routine.  I talk about everything we experience with our dogs, letting others know that “you’re not alone.”

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Keep the Tail Wagging is for dog parents who want to be a voyeur into my kind of boring life with dogs while learning something about training, behavior, health, nutrition (we feed raw dog food), safety and cool pet products I’ve discovered.  With every experience, I learn something new to share with you – like when Rodrigo was bitten by a coyote, when Sydney developed arthritis, and when Blue had dew claw surgery.

I never had children and feel that my ‘calling’ is to be a dog mom.  I not only share my life with dogs, but I also want to be a voice for dog rescue and reputable breeding.  Rescue workers are in the trenches doing the work that I don’t have the stomach to handle and reputable breeders hold the history of our dogs, respecting the blood lines and making sure that the breeds we love will always exist.

I also have a beef with misinformation about dog nutrition and health and tend to get on a high horse when I feel like I’m being misled by the industry.  And I’m fed up with the ineffective laws that are allowing puppy mills to not only exist, but to persist by selling puppies online.  Not Okay!

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