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I’m so excited!!!!

I’m finally going to start writing the book that I’ve been thinking about since we brought our littermates home.  This will be a mixed breed dog book written in the style of the dog breed books we see in the store (and I bet many dog lovers out there have at home).  I’m writing this book to celebrate dogs and dog rescue and to give our mutts some props.

But even the pure bred dogs deserve some love and if you’re a Keep the Tail Wagging fan and the dog parent to a pure breed, then I want to include your pup too.  Many of our pure breeds started out as a mixture of something making them mutts too!

There are two things I want to announce today!

ONE – You can submit your dog through the Google Form I created found at the below link – don’t forget to submit an image (email to kimberly@keepthetailwagging.com), I need one that shows your dog’s features (preferably standing or sitting, and alone).  I know pictures of sleeping dogs are soooo cute, but we want people to be able to say “that looks like my dog, maybe he’s a Border Collie mix”:

TWOI’m hosting a contest during the month of February where YOU can help me pick a name for the new mixed breed dog book and Petco has generously offered to sponsor this giveaway.  The person who creates the title that I choose for the book will win a great give basket of Petco WholePets items similar to the one I received, but better!

You can submit your idea for a title on the below link and there’s no limit to the entries; but more entries doesn’t up your chance of winning:

A winner will be chosen on March 1st.   This contest is open to US Residents Only (sorry) and you must be 18 years or older to enter.


UPDATE – Writing this book is a lot harder than I thought.  I’ve spent two months trying to figure out a format and the information I want to include.  I will continue working at it and will host a NEW contest for the title Summer 2013.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a dog!

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