Favorite Washington Dog Rescue Groups and Finding a Reputable Breeder

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Fantastic Washington Rescue Groups

Fur Kidz rescued Rodrigo and Sydney’s mom from a hoarding in Oregon.  

They also rescued Riley from a shelter in Eastern Washington.

Motley Zoo rescued Blue from a shelter.  He had been found wandering around (lost? discarded?) and the person who found him couldn’t find him.  Blue is a perfect addition to our family and Sydney and Rodrigo adore him.

You can find a rescue group in your area on PetFinder.com – that’s how we connected with Fur Kidz and Motley Zoo.  Other fantastic Western Washington Rescue groups are…

Northwest Boxer Rescue

Bullseye Dog Rescue

Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation

Puget Sound Rescue


Tips on Finding a Reputable Breeder

by Trainer Tori of Canine Training Solutions

I think everyone should adopt a rescue.  We have had such a wonderful life with our dogs that I can’t imagine not having them.  But I do respect that some families would prefer to work with reputable breeders.  Instead of attacking them for the choice, I think it’s important to understand where they’re coming from, educate them about any misconceptions they may have, and educate them about finding a reputable breeder.

Trainer Tori put together this helpful and in depth list that helps us determine if someone is a reputable breeder!  Let’s only buy from responsible breeders and rescue groups.  Together, we can stamp out puppy mills.

Breeder Comparison – Page 1

Breeder Comparison – Page 2

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