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AKC GoodDog! HelplineSM Connects You with Dog Trainers #AKCDogLover

I am blogging on behalf of BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network and the AKC. I received compensation for my time from the AKC for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine.

AKC Good Dog HelpLine Testimonial - Image Source: AKC GoodDog! HelplineSM Testimonials Page

The other day we took our dogs for a walk on the beach early in the morning.  Because the dog park side of the beach was shut down due to sewage, we walked in the other direction (on leash, with poop bags in hand).  There were a lot more people on the beach (clams and sand shrimp hunting) than we expected (glad we grabbed the leashes).

Someone referred to our dogs as “Well Behaved…”

The point of this is that while talking to a family who was telling us about digging for sand shrimp, a woman stopped and commended us on how well behaved our dogs were – all sitting nicely and waiting patiently for the walk to commence.  When we were walking away, we laughed quietly and at our dogs being described as “well behaved.”

To be honest, Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue are amazing and have few dog behavior problems – but they could use a little brush up here and there on a few basic dog training areas.  When I learned about the AKC GoodDog! HelplineSM, I was excited by the prospect of being able to program a toll-free number into my phone, that I can call to speak with knowledgeable dog trainers, as often as I’d like.  I’ve been learning more about professional dog trainers offering this service, but working through the AKC adds a level of comfort, because I know they know dogs.

Dog behavior problems I’d like help with from the AKC GoodDog! HelplineSM…

  • Distracting our dogs from their instinct to chase the cats, bunnies, and deer
  • Improve upon recall once they’ve caught a scent
  • Stop Blue’s jumping when we come home
  • Improving on greeting guests to our home
  • Dog barking at night (or early in the morning) – they are not roosters!

Dog behavior training is essential…

Although working with a private trainer, one on one,  is preferable for our pack, sometimes we just need to have someone talk us off the ledge when our dogs aren’t behaving in a way that works for our family.  It’s amazing how someone can suggest tips on how to look at the situation that sheds light on what I may be doing to contribute to the dog’s behavior.  Plus, I know my dogs, but I don’t necessarily know dogs – a professional dog trainer can give me more insight to dog behavior that can help too.

I received an account free of charge in exchange for being a brand ambassador for the AKC GoodDog! HelplineSM, sharing the news of this great service to dog parents.

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What dog training techniques would you like to learn?


  1. I like the idea of the helpline, it sounds like a good idea. My dog loves to chase cats and unfortunately the neighborhood is full of cats. She is good otherwise and I keep her on the leash, so I don’t consider it a major problem.

    • This year, I really started respecting the leash laws with our dogs. I can’t out run them and although their recall is good, it’s not great. I like this idea too – there are days when I wish I could just ask someone for advice – this is perfect.

  2. I’m so excited to give this helpline a try. Sherman and Leroy are pretty well behaved but they definitely have their moments where I could use some good advice!

    • That’s how I feel too.

  3. I love the idea of a help line too. My dogs are in badly need of help. Just the sound of a cat meowing perk them up.

  4. This is a great idea and I say Kudos to the ASPCA for coming up with it! And to you for telling us about it! Even though I recently received my dog trainer certification from the Animal Behavior College (in May), I am still very much a novice at it. There are times when my mentor trainer just is not available when I have a question or concern. My own three dogs are good girls, but sometimes the middle and younger ones get into an “argument” over one thing or another. I know how to handle it, but there are times when a little moral support goes a long way.

    • I would love to get a certification. That would be amazing. I love that the AKC does so much to help us become responsible dog owners. It surprised me, because some feel that the AKC is a bad organization; I guess you can say that about any organization. What impresses me is that I can now call someone who can help me.

  5. My parents and I have never been able to help their senior golden get over her fear of storms. That’s something I would love to have some help with. She seems like such a tough case. I’m sure someone could help, but we just haven’t been able to.

    • I’m calling today to ask about Blue’s jumping.

  6. I’m really looking forward to trying that helpline, too. With one dog who’s a bit reactive and another new dog who needs to learn a few things, it’s a service that can be invaluable!

  7. Thanks for sharing this hotline. With proper training and care of your dog, I’m sure these dogs are going to have the best attitude in dealing with other people.

    • My pleasure

  8. I need help training my newest dog to do his business outside. He is a chihuahua. He waits to do his business until we are asleep at night, then does it in the kitchen or bathroom when no one is around to see. You can’t scold him, because by the time we get up hours later and discover it, he has long forgotten it. He is good about peeing outside, and his poo is easy to clean up on the linoleum, but he really needs to learn to do it outside. Help.

    • Do you kennel your dog at night? One thing we did with our littermates was kennel them at night. There was a period of time when I would give them potty breaks in the middle of the night while they built up the time they could hold it in. It might be a start for your little guy.


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