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An Easier Way to Clean Your Dog’s Ears #NaturalPaws

I realized that there was no way I could get around the chore of cleaning our dogs’ ears when Rodrigo’s ears kept getting that yeasty smell; especially after rainy days.  He has ears that flop over, holding in the moisture and allowing the yeast to grow.  Awesome!

Natural Paws' EARoma ThEARapy offers an easier way to clean our dog's ears

Changing his diet to raw dog food helped; a lot.  But cleaning our dogs’ ears is just something that I can’t get around.  I was squirting ear cleaner into their ears, which they so don’t love, squishing their ear around, and then wiping out the gook.

So the diet change, plus cleaning our dogs ears has ended the redness, the itchiness, and the inflammation.  But we have four dogs and when I start with one, the others slink away.  And J is absolutely no help as he laughs at the mass exodus of dogs who look at me as if I betraying them.

I was recently introduced to a product by Natural Paws; they also make a product for paw care that I tried last year.  EARoma thEARapy has become part of our weekly regime and and love it.  It’s quick and easy to use, it works, and our dogs haven’t had that yeasty ear smell since we started using it weekly.

This is a product that contains essential oils, something that dog owners can create at home so why buy it?

  • Many times when dog owners start mixing essential oils, they’re using perfume grade oils instead of oils meant for medicinal purposes.
  • Essential oils need to be diluted and it’s not easy to get the mix right unless you’re familiar with the process.
  • Mixing some oils with other homeopathic remedies (tempting, because if we use both, it’ll work faster, right?) may cancel out the effective properties.

Natural Paws uses “essentials and herbs known to not only clean ears and pull moisture out, but also keep the skin itself from getting TOO dried out so it’s not becoming flaky. The benefits of lemongrass range from being a natural anti-inflammatory to lymphatic system detox. It is a great insect repellent too, which we always love as a secondary use. The health benefits of eucalyptus oil (well, there’s a ton, but the ones we use it for) are its anti-inflammatory, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and stimulating properties. If you’re looking for what specifically cleanses the ear wax, that’s mostly the soapwort. Slippery Elm helps a bit too.” ~ an explanation from the owner of Natural Paws

EARoma thEARapy | Natural Paws

A push towards natural…

This year, I’m going to continue transitioning towards more natural dog care.  We started with their diet and we’ve become more choosy about the treats that we feed them.  We give them natural pain killers (that actually work).  We found cleaning products that are perfect for dog homes and now something that cleans our dogs ears quickly and easily.

  • I spray each of the dogs in their ears, massage their ears and then wipe them clean.  It’s as easy as that.
  • Their ears remain clean for a couple weeks and Rodrigo’s ears (which get yeasty) look great.
  • This is helping me acclimate the puppies to the ear cleaning routine a lot easier.

I still get the betrayed looks, but I think this is just out of habit.  Since the cleaning process is so much faster, we’re off to “treat time” a lot faster and then I’m forgiven.

Have you found any natural products that are better for your dogs?


  1. Thank you SO much for this post! I just wrote one about Kayo’s recent ear infection experience and I’ve been looking for something long-term. We’re big on swimming/diving and the doctor was strict with me about cleaning her ears after each day of swimming. This is awesome and perfectly timed!

    • Fabulous!

  2. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. My dogs also suffer from yeast in their ears and they do not like them cleaned. I almost got bitten when I tried cleaning them. I will see if this product is worth a try.

  3. That’s great! I had ear infections for several years all the time. We tried all the ear cleaners we could find but they only seemed to make things worse. Finally we found a home made cleaner and have been using it once a month for over two years and my ears have been perfect. Nothing worse than smelly and/or infected ears. If this works for you, that is awesome!

  4. Sounds likes some good stuff. I rarely have to clean Maya’s ears, but I keep up with Pierson’s. He has yet to have an ear infection, but his ears seem to collect more dirt, probably because they are more open while Maya’s fold down. I’m not sure he’d like me spraying stuff in his ears, but a spray probably won’t annoy him as much as the stuff I squirt in his ears.


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