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An Animal Communicator | A Valentine’s Day Love Fest With Our Dogs

Sydney at 8 weeks old, dog treat, pink flowers

Where’s the Love on Valentine’s Day?

My boyfriend and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Last year he surprised me with a paw print ring, this year we might go to dinner if we remember, but most likely the day will be treated like any other day.

But we have three dogs now…

I thought a fun gift for our dogs would be to allow them the opportunity to let me know how they feel, what they need, and just have a love fest so I contacted an animal communicator.

I believe in animal communication.  If I can read our dogs body language, facial expressions, ear movements, and barks, then I have no trouble believing that someone can become more in sync with animals and communicate with them so I was stoked when Neave, an animal communicator in Western Washington, offered to help facilitate a verbal love fest between me and our dogs as her gift to us.

“Engaging in a conversation with an animal opens up a whole new world as they finally get a chance to voice things as they see them. For an animal to be heard and have a say is sometimes all it takes to solve a behavioral issue or explain why they do the things they do.  I believe animals are here to teach us to walk in harmony and balance in our lives on this earth. As an animal communicator my goal is to bring communication, balance, understanding and harmony to interspecies relationships.” ~ Neave, Animal Communicator

Valentine’s Day Love Fest with Dogs

This was so much fun for me, I can’t even begin to express how much fun we had speaking through Neave, who knew nothing about my blog, me or my dogs…

Neave Met Three Different Personalities

  • Rodrigo – a happy go lucky dog who will do anything for me
  • Sydney – thought it would be lovely to chat (ahhhh, the Princess)
  • Blue – does Kimberly know about this?

The first thing Neave said to me was that Blue was very protective and wanted to know who she was, what she wanted, and if I knew that she was trying to speak with them.  Blue is the guard dog of the family, letting everyone who dares step onto our property know (from a distance) that they are not welcome.  When I told Johan (a skeptic) this, he kind of mulled it over a bit.  “You didn’t tell her anything about Blue?  Or write a blog post about  him?”  Nope.

What I Learned about Our Dogs

What they love: Each dog loves being a part of our family.  They love our home, they love the space, but they’re not fans of bath time or the Bath Fresh Mist I spray to cover the awesome dog scent.  Good thing I just bought two more bottles.  Their favorite part of the day is when we play and when we cuddle.

They especially love having a job.  Rodrigo protects Sydney; Blue protects our home; and Sydney protects me.

What they understand: Although they understand some of our words, they more connect with the feelings and energy behind the words.

Who is alpha: One of the reasons the dogs follow me more than they follow Johan is because I’m more present, which has allowed me to connect more with them.

Although our dogs do see Johan as a provider in our family, I’m top dog (couldn’t wait to share that with Johan).  His energy when he comes home is uncomfortable for Sydney (he’s a cop), but Blue sees it as a challenge and loves to distract Johan, making him forget his day and focus on playing with the dogs (which actually works every day).

What they remember: Each dog remembers when they were young, but they don’t think much on it now that they have their life with us.  Rodrigo and Sydney remember being with their littermates.  Blue remembers that his life before us didn’t have a lot of love or kindness.

Rodrigo remembers the coyote, but didn’t have a name for the animal.  He remembers the wild smell and thought that the coyote was going to eat him and wanted to understand why he bit him.

What they want:  They immediately said that they want more walks; they love the variety of walks, but weren’t fans of the closed off spaces of some of the areas where we walked.  The concern about coyotes came up again.  More games of fetch and Frisbee.  More walks with Johan.

Sydney requested that we fluff up their beds before bedtime.  Rodrigo requested warmer water during bath time.  All three opted for more baths to avoid the doggy perfume.

What about the food:  Blue loves it and Rodrigo and Sydney want more wet food with their kibble.  They love chews and carrots

Ultimately, I learned that all of our pets (dogs and cats) are willing to do what I want, because of the love and security I provide.  Our animals love us and don’t require much in exchange for that love.  I’ve always known this, but it was fun “hearing” it from our dogs and cats.  It’s astounding that as a human, I expected a complaint, just one, but that’s a human thing – we’re always quick to criticize each other.  Animals are more excepting, which makes them easier to be around and easier to love.

So, go hug your dogs and cats and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day from us.

PS.  If you’d like to schedule a session with Neave, you can contact her at  She offers very affordable rates, starting with a 30 minute session for $50.


  1. Interesting…I just know that mom loves us and she knows that we love her so those are the main staples around here. We don’t do much for Valentines Day, just maybe an extra snuggle or two 😉

    • That’s pretty much what we did; we had a family snuggle on the sofa and some extra treats that smelled fishy and my boyfriend hates – LOL

  2. Fascinating. I love hearing others’ experiences with animal communication. So fun to hear about what your dogs are thinking. One I’ve worked with told me animals don’t like to be thought of as inferior or as animals, but instead as furry people. It really makes you wonder what else we’ve been missing in life, in that realm, you know? If dogs really can communicate and all. I wholly believe this was real (not that scammers don’t exist, they do), but that the phenomenon is real. Too cool!

    • I completely get what you’re saying. It’s fun. Another animal communicator I know shares stories about horses that will bring tears to your eyes. It’s amazing the love you feel when she speaks. Leaves me with no doubt that animals are pretty amazing creatures.

  3. Oh, that video. I die. So cute. I wish our doggies licked our faces like that.

    • LOL – he’s such a sweet dog. Just this morning, two of them were in my lap giving me love. They’re so great. Dogs rock!

  4. That is so interesting – enjoyed hearing your experience with an animal communicator. I don’t think I’ve ever met one before.

    • There are quite a few out there who I wouldn’t call animal communicators, just people who are good with dogs; but the woman I worked with was pretty amazing. I’ll definitely connect with her again. She gave me tons of information in a short time that I could use; it didn’t all make it into the article, but it was valuable stuff for us.

  5. How fun! I would love one day to have this opportunity! I would hope that my experience would be as good as yours and that the dogs didn’t offer up many complaints:) Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • It was a ton of fun. What amazed me was how well she nailed the dogs’ personalities. I was truly surprised. I was worried that they would complain too – nope, dogs are just happy.


  6. Many years ago, some of my dog-loving friends and I worked with an animal communicator. It’s one of those “pieces” of being passionate about dogs that you’re drawn to or you’re not. How gratifying (and fun) for you to hear the chorus of three happy dogs. Think you’ve inspired me to do this again.

    • It was really an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it again. She shared so many things that I didn’t share here and it was really touching and fun.

  7. When we took our dogs to an animal communicator (Donetta, in Cincinnati) it rocked my world.

    • It’s so much fun!!!

  8. I love your enthusiasm for your dogs, we could do with more of it in this world! Hope your dogs are keeping happy and healthy x


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