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Thank you to my great sponsors: Pet Research Inc, creators of the amazing Wag Lifetime Joint Care (try for free); Paws on Earth, creators of the dog shampoo bar (a must have grooming product), and Ruff Grip Dog Leashes (the only leashes we use).  Without you, I may not have made it to BlogPaws this year!

BlogPaws 2013, blogging conference, pet bloggers

Upon Arrival at BlogPaws 2013

The other day I wrote about my fears regarding attending BlogPaws 2013.  I’m a pretty outgoing person, I love love love meeting new people, especially new pet people.  But I always freak out when I have to leave my family.  I’m a home body.  But I also know that events like BlogPaws are a fantastic opportunity for me and Keep the Tail Wagging, so here I am.

And I’m having the most amazing time.

I Miss My Babies

I spoke with my boyfriend a couple times yesterday and texted a few times too.  I managed NOT to ask about the dogs each time and let him bring them up.  I’m not worried about the cats, because they’re so independent – I consider them a old, retired odd couple.  The dogs are lot more needy and have been waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me since I left.

My room is nice and I slept strangely last night.  I guess that’s the jet lag.  At first I was exhausted, then away, then sleepy, and back and forth.  Now I’m just hungry.

BlogPaws 2013, Sheridan Tyson's Corner, blogging conference

BlogPaws is at the Sheridan in Tyson’s Corner. I love my room!

I Chatted with Dino Dogan

If you’re a blogger, you probably know who Dino is, if you’re not a blogger, I’ve been following Dino for a long time and have learned a lot from him about blogging and content marketing.  My presentation is at the same time as his (damn) so he gave me and Jessica, of You Did What With Your Weiner, an impromptu presentation last night and we had a blast nerding out on blogging.  There are some great things coming from Triberr.  I’m blown away with excitement!!!

Me and Jessica, Taken by Dino Dogan

Me and Jessica, Taken by Dino Dogan

I’m Out of the Blogging Closet

Speaking of nerding out on blogging – I feel like I’m finally out of the closet about blogging.  I can talk openly about writing, promotion, reviews, monetizing, analytics, and the rest, without losing anyone.  There are tons of great sessions going on and today I plan to connect with fellow bloggers to trade notes on sessions.  And I have handouts for my own session, which will be recorded.  I’ll even have a mike!

Steve of SlimDoggy and other Bloggers

It’s so fun to meet bloggers face to face, because not everyone looks like I’d expect.  I knew Steve by the hair.  Jessica, because we live in the same state and I’ve met her before, and Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality looks EXACTLY how she looks online and I love love love her dog.

But the dog I love the most reminds me of Blue and I’ll have to get a picture of her before I leave.  She’s a sweetie.

Brands Brands Brands

Lots of brands to speak with and meet.  I’ve been handing out my media kit to everyone.  The best part so far has been meeting Brian from Just4MyPets and Shawna from Women in the Pet Industry.

Now it’s off to breakfast. I’m starving!  Then more of BlogPaws 2013 and meeting more people!

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