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Blue and Belle Sitting in the Tree, Inspired by Petco Dog Outfits

We received these amazing Petco Dog Outfits for free.

When I was at BlogPaws, I met two very special souls – Belle and Terry.  Sorry, Terry, but Belle gets first billing and I know you understand why; she’s adorable.  Every single time I saw her I had to stop for some Belle time.  She’s an amazing dog.

Belle reminded me of Blue – her size, coloring, and personality made me miss my baby and helped me make it through being so far away for a long weekend.  So I decided that Belle and Blue are now girlfriend and boyfriend.  Yep, I became a canine matchmaker and Petco helped!  I received a box full of clothing that was for a smaller dog, but I had to take pictures for this Belle+Blue inspired post before donating them to a local rescue.

I headed on over to PicMonkey to have a little fun creating a collage of our new love birds dogs and their Petco dog outfits.  How gorgeous are our dogs?  Although Blue is perfectly happy in his pack, I’m more than positive that he would have fallen in love with Belle and crowned her as his new playmate.

The best part of this, besides playing on PicMonkey, is that I was able to donate these clothing to a new dog parent who will dress up their new family member.  They are going to have a blast.  But I kept the pink hat.  It’s just too cute for me to give up.

The more Petco dog outfits I see, the more I want a smaller dog who can wear them – or bigger sizes so I can play dress up with our trio!  They would rock a few coats in the winter and a few cooling jackets in the summer.

Do you have outfits for your dog?

Petco Wedding Clothing Collage, Belle, Blue, Petco Dog Outfits


  1. OMG how adorable! Belle does look like a sweety! I have a skinny minny whippet. He doesn’t dress up very well lol.

    • Not only do our dogs NOT dress up well, but they look absolutely miserable when I dress them up. But I won’t give up – one day I’ll find the outfit that speaks to them – LOL

  2. I have an adorable Corgi mix girl who has several outfits. She looks adorable and prances (well, as much as a Corgi prances) around for all to see. She even has a boyfriend! She has her own Facebook page and so does her beloved. Oh yeah….my girl is quite the fashionista!!!

    • Oh now that IS adorable! What’s the link to your Corgi’s FB page?

  3. Kimberly,
    You can find her on Facebook at Princess Angel Joy. She often has adventures with her friends which I am sure you would enjoy. She posts her nightly prayers every night as well and has developed quite a following! In fact…she has WAY more friends than I do!!! LOL!!!

  4. So does Petco have a wedding registry? We should totally sign up!

    • Wouldn’t that be cool? If it were my store, I’d have all the registries that Target has, but for dog lovers. Talk about traffic in the store!


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