3 Books About Dogs Every Dog Parent Should Purchase Today

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I received the following books about dogs for free.

I don’t have time to read, because of the work I do on my blog.  Because I love to read, I set aside an hour a day to catch up on my fiction reading.  What do I like?  Paranormal, teen lit – yep, I loved The Twilight Saga.  This is my library…

I used to love the Sookie Stackhouse series, but the last couple books were awful and I read the reviews of the most recent one and just won’t have my love of the characters tarnished by the direction the author chose to take her story.  But I’ll always love the first books.

Anyway, this is a dog blog and I have 3 books about dogs every dog parent should purchase Today!  We can chat about my love of teen lit later.

101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe DOG

101 Essential Tips, Dr Jason Nicholas


Flipping through this book made me smile. In 56 pages, I saw tips that it took me a year plus of blogging to learn. I had no idea about Salmon poisoning, I learned about “puppy proofing” through our experience with littermates, and we learned that grapes are toxic from a friend AFTER our dog refused to eat one (smart dog).

101 Essential Tips is written in away that makes it easy and entertaining to read. The illustrations made me smile (especially the dog hoovering the food off the kitchen counter – been there), and the tips are organized in a great way. Dog parents will read from beginning to end in no time, learning a lot along the way.

My ignorance inspired my blog, Keep the Tail Wagging. I want to share everything I’m learning with dog lovers. 101 Essential Tips is a book that I recommend for all dog parents – new and experienced. If you have a friend who has a dog – add this book to your shopping list. It would have helped us out tremendously when we started down the dog parenting path.

Health and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats, David G Wellock

Health and Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

Whenever I get a book about health and nutrition, I look for two things to see if it’s worth my time reading.  I want to know the author’s stance on the raw food diet and vaccinations.  I wasn’t very confidence opening the book, because David G. Wellock isn’t a holistic veterinarian; he’s the owner of a franchised Global Pet Foods store in Canada.   Well, the “Canada” gave me a little more confidence, because I’ve met Canadians who have embraced the raw food diet.

Flipping through the book made my heart sore!  Not only did David address the raw food diet, the did it responsibly and with an open mind and I could just hug him for it!  Thank you!!!  And he addressed vaccinations and over vaccination as well.

From there, I flipped through the book some more slowing down and reading about everything health related that I’ve experience, and before I knew it, I had read most of the book!  It’s going to be an amazing resource for writing articles on Keep the Tail Wagging.

If I Should Die Before My Dog, Joe and Cathy Connolly

“If I Should Die Before My Dog — “

I was completely uninterested in reading this book.  What a bummer topic, right?  But after reading about recent police officer deaths, flying to BlogPaws and experiencing turbulence (which normally doesn’t bother me), and watching the news reports about Oklahoma – I started to wonder – what if I did die before my dog?

I picked up the book and was pleasantly surprised.  This is the coolest book and way more than just for preparing your dog’s new family.  It can be used to prepare your pet sitter for your dog’s quirks.  I didn’t complete the book, but as I went through it, I could answer each question with a detailed response for each of our dogs.  In fact, the only “con” I had for the book is that there isn’t enough room to write about multiple dogs.  But I’m okay with writing in the margins.

The sad truth is that we could pass away before our dogs and the idea of my dogs ending up in a shelter breaks my heart.  So I will complete this book.  I’ve even upped my life insurance, named a beneficiary, and I’m now looking for a person who will agree to take on the responsibility of our dogs should something happen to me and my boyfriend.

Yep, this is a bummer topic, but like our monthly bills, it’s something that needs to be addressed.  So rip off the bandage and do it today rather than tomorrow.


What book(s) about dogs do you recommend?


  1. I’ve read a lot of dog biographies :) Merle of course, and the follow-up Pukka’s Promise. Marley & Me…Art of Racing in the Rain, The Other End of the Leash, Dogs never lie about Love and a great title: “If a Dog’s Prayers were Answered: Bones Would Rain from the Sky”. I wrote a book about Tino many years ago – never got published, but I’m digging it out chapter by chapter and even considering an ebook. Love reading dog stories.
    SlimDoggy recently published..Core Workout for a Dog?My Profile

  2. When I read the beginning of the post I thought I should offer you an e-copy of one of my books, but they’re neither paranormal, young adult, or about dogs, so I might be off target, LOL. :-)

    Anyway, I’m going to buy that book “If I should die before my dog” – it’s one of those things I hope won’t happen, but it might. Anything might happen at any time, and I’ve been thinking about it. My rescue-friend – the rescue where I got them – would care for them and make sure they found new homes, but what if she didn’t know…

    Okay, back to happier thoughts. It’s Friday, have a wonderful weekend! =D
    Maria Sadowski (Hammarblad) recently published..Coyote/retriever mix adopts chickensMy Profile

      • I just bought that book on my iPad – haven’t started it yet, but it’s up next.

      • I write science fiction and romance novels. =D In my imagination, the daytime job is my Clark Kent identity hiding that I’m really a superstar. In real life, well, not so much, hahaha!

        Anyway, I like reading young adult too, for the same reasons you said. My poor head has to do enough thinking anyway, and it needs a rest sometimes. LOL!
        Maria Sadowski (Hammarblad) recently published..Rare Breed Monday: ChinookMy Profile

        • That is fantastic that you write science fiction! That’s one of my favorite genres although I don’t delve into it a lot. I’m currently interested in this series about rival aliens living on earth, battling the DOD, and trying not to be discovered by the humans. It started with one series that painted one group as good and the other as evil. I just finished the 1st book of the 2nd series that gives you a very different POV. Great writing. The author is…Jennifer Armentrout. You can find her on Amazon.

          By the way, you don’t have a local dealer in our area, Washington State. I’m so bummed, because I really wanted to be chosen for the Plexidoor campaign. Everyone who was chosen is so lucky and I’m so excited to see how their liking it!
          Kimberly recently published..Blue and Belle Sitting in the Tree, Inspired by Petco Dog OutfitsMy Profile

          • I’ll look her up. I will need some summer reading! =)

            Hmm, did you get a message saying you weren’t chosen? (Imagine a frowny face smiley, I don’t know how to make one, lol.)
            Maria Sadowski (Hammarblad) recently published..Images from Woofstock!My Profile

            • Fantastic!

              No, I was showing my boyfriend the doors (he’s a cop and after we were burglarized, he wanted to make a change and we’re hoping to swap them out). While I was on the site, I looked for a local person and there weren’t any near Marysville (we’re 40 north of Seattle WA) so I figured that would eliminate me. I can’t wait to see the posts. I wanted to do a before & after video and another one showing how we trained our dogs to go through. Rodrigo is afraid of new things sometimes, but we have a couple of phrases that will have him bursting through – “someone’s here” or “go get ‘em” – our dogs all go nuts when they hear that. Cracks us up.

              Kimberly recently published..Why Does a Dog Wag His Tail? A Tale of Three DogsMy Profile

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Kimberly…covers a great variety of topics and I can’t wait to read all of them! PS. Maybe I should read more fiction than “wait for the movie” because the Hunger Games freaked the crap out of me!

    • The book freaked me out. When I first started reading Hunger Games – I thought – bummer, so not the book for me. Then I read it (because the movies were coming out) and couldn’t put it down. I got a Kindle for Christmas, downloaded them and first the first book in a day. The movies did an amazing job, but the books were freaky at times. So much got left out – so good.
      Kimberly recently published..Crazy or Common? Pet Food Companies Using Feather Meal in FoodMy Profile

  4. Just finished reading the Hunger Games after my sister insisted on it and really enjoyed it :) Love looking at book lists so thanks for the recommendations. I’ve started a practice this year where I keep a list of books I’m reading every month on my “Evernote” app – it’s awesome seeing yourself tick off books. I force myself to make time to read, even if it’s just 2 pages a day.
    Human Rescues Dog recently published..7 Things I Wish I Had KnownMy Profile

    • I loved the Hunger Games series. Right now I’m reading a series about shifters – I love reading Amazon reviews and this woman wrote one that had me clicking download instantly and she was right. It’s a great book. I guess it’s the second in the series, but I’m good with starting late :)
      Kimberly recently published..3 Books About Dogs Every Dog Parent Should Purchase TodayMy Profile

  5. Mom doesn’t care much for reading books but she loves to write…go figure. If there is a good book about something she is interested in she will read it in one sitting…like your blogging tips book, she has read it numerous times now. That subject of mom dying before us is a scary one but she has had to think of us and what would happen in case as she could not bare for us to be homeless. Thank you for pointing out this important but never really spoken about topic!
    emma recently published..My Beautiful Furamily | GBGV | See BeautifulMy Profile

    • I wasn’t a fan about reading the one about dying before our dogs either and put off reading it. When I opened it up I was surprised; it’s just the things you’d want people to know about your dogs; it’ll help friends, the shelter, etc. But I hope it doesn’t ever ever happen.
      Kimberly recently published..How to Protect Your Dog While Using Topical Flea and Tick TreatmentMy Profile

  6. Those are good suggestions thank you. I really liked Pukka’s Promise, and I loved The Possibility Dogs which I reviewed recently. Of course I think everyone needs my books Dieting with my Dog and Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw, too!
    Peggy Frezon recently published..Wednesday Pet Roundup- Jun 18, 2013My Profile

  7. The book is easy and quick to read, but has a ton of really practical tips and very clear instructions. It made me realise this diet doesn’t have to be complicated, it just makes sense! I had some additional questions about things that weren’t in the book so I contacted the author through her website and she was very prompt and helpful.I bought some extra copies to give to friends, too. Hopefully I can persuade them to start feeding their dogs a better diet too!
    Vicky Sellers recently published..No last blog posts to return.My Profile

  8. Looks like I need to buy a few books.. I’m interested in buying “If I should die before my dog.” looks interesting. But hopefully it won’t happen..
    James Robinson recently published..Hello world!My Profile


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