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Bugsy’s Box Welcomes Home Our Littermate Puppies

Bugsy's Box Review

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This isn’t the first monthly subscription service for dogs that I’ve reviewed and I actually was going to turn down a free Bugsy’s Box, because I was so impressed with the last one, but we have two more mouths to feed and Christmas was coming so I couldn’t resist adding a little more to our dogs holiday bags.

Like with many subscription services, Bugsy’s Box offers a ton of fun in a monthly package, but what I wasn’t expecting was how much we’d receive in our first order.  Each month’s package is tailored for our dogs and includes 5-7 items (the package we received had 8 items) for $29 a month.  You can save when you sign up for a longer monthly plan.

$29 per month | $23 for 3 month plan | $19 for 6 month plan

We all know why a subscription plan saves us money.  Dog lovers spend $29 a month easily on our canine kids.  I spend more.  With a subscription service, we get to try new things, things tailored for our dog’s size, and we save ourselves a trip to the pet store (and the mini spree that will ensue).

But with so many options out there like Doggy Loot and, why choose a subscription service?

Because although I love Doggy Loot, it’s turned into  a sickness.  In half a month, I spent nearly $200 on Doggy Loot and Amazon on things that we “needed” for our dogs.  Bully sticks, Himalayan chews, salmon oil, ground flax seed, Petstages chews, teeth gel (this is for the cats), and more.

I obviously have a problem.

Yes, I saved money on gas, because I didn’t go to the pet store.  But I paid for shipping (Amazon).

I’ll continue to use Doggy loot and Amazon for the household favorites, but it makes more sense for our big family to use a subscription service for our pack.

This Month’s Bugsy’s Box

VetraCare Liquid Bandage – something that is missing from our homemade first aid kit, because I wasn’t sure which brand to purchase.  The benefits of a liquid bandage is that it helps minor cuts and scrapes heal faster by protecting them from bacteria.  Our dogs rarely get hurt, but when they do, traditional bandages last about an hour if we’re on hand to say “leave it” every few minutes.

Healthy Dogma Treats – we’ve tried these before and love them.  This time, we received the apple-cinnamon flavor.  The treats are small, so they’re perfect for training treats for Rodrigo and Sydney and just perfect sized treats for the puppies.

Randy the Nerd Toy – I cringed when I saw this toy, because I knew Rodrigo would love it and he’d destroy it immediately.  Surprise surprise.  Rodrigo loved it and played with it WITHOUT destroying it for a couple weeks before being okay with the puppies playing with it.  Of course they love it.  Every Sydney gave it a couple shakes.

Barkworthies 6″ Bully Stick – the only question about the bully stick was which dog would get it.  Luckly, I had just purchased several so there were no issues when the dogs smelled a bullystick in the room.

Merrick Cowboy Cookout – Merrick is one of several dog food brands who are stepping it up when it comes to creating quality pet food.  We feed our dogs raw so this can went into a donation bin at our local pet store (every little bit counts), but it’s nice to see that Bugsy’s Box comes with quality products.

VetraCare Ear Wipes – cleaning our dogs ears SUCKS.  I was using a product by Life’s Abundance (great product) that I poured down their ear canal and whenever I brought the bottle out, the dogs would run.  Today, I use a sprayable ear wash by Natural Paws and sensitive baby wipes.  It’s nice to try out another product that our dogs will tolerate.  By the way, VetraCare also offers a sprayable ear wash: VetraCare Pet Ear Care Cleansing Spray for Dogs and Cats

Puptato Chips – Rodrigo loves sweet potato chips and the puppies got a kick out of trying something new.  Sydney will eat them, but they’re not her favorite.  The bonus of these treats is that they’re virtually fat free and healthy for our dogs.

CloudStar Dynamo Dog Treats – these were opened right away, because we love CloudStar products.  These, along with Healthy Dogma Treats, were the first treats that our puppies tried.  Open a cabinet in our kitchen and you’ll see boxes of Cloudstar treats.

My thoughts on Bugsy’s Box

I’m pretty impressed with their box of treats.  I was planning on signing up with a service, but have been dragging my feet, because there are so many options out there.  Receiving 8 things in a package that were all great or our dogs (one was donated, because of our diet), was impressive.

Each box contains full size as well as sample size products and everything is made in the United States; no treats from China will be included in our boxes.

The downside to Bugsy’s Box

The only “downsides” I see to Bugsy’s Box is that we can’t customize our boxes, which is important for dogs with food sensitivities. There is such variety in the package that there is something that our dogs will like and we can either trade products with friends or donate what we can’t use to rescue.

I don’t give our dogs smoked bones and would want to decline receiving them, because I don’t feel comfortable giving them to other dogs, but that’s just one thing out of thousands of possibilities.

Another downside, which is small, is that you can’t cancel on their site.  You must cancel via email.  I’m not a fan of this option, because I’ve dealt with companies that require a back and forth when you want to cancel.  I’m not saying that we’ll have the same experience with Bugsy’s Box, but when I saw this on their site, I scrunched my nose.  I much prefer having a profile and account that I can manage myself.

Update: I spoke with my contact a Bugsy’s Box and learned this about canceling – ” All of our customers have their own personal accounts and are all able to login at, enter their email and password and manage their subscription from there. They can put it on hold for one month if they like or cancel it all together. So they do not have to cancel by emailing us, they can do it themselves.”  That’s GREAT news for me!

All in all, I liked the Bugsy’s Box and I’m considering signing up for the 3 month plan next week.  And you can save $10 when you sign up by using the code KEEPWAGGING.


  1. Isn’t Doggyloot so addictive?

    Thanks for the Bugsy’s Box review – another one to consider!

    • DoggyLoot is dangerous. I bought TONS of those Himalayan chews and ended up giving half away, because our dogs can’t handle the milk product. *sigh* – not DoggyLoot’s fault, but if it hadn’t have been such a great deal, I might have bought 1 package just to see. LOL

  2. I would love to try this, maybe they will ask us to review one for them. I have to tell you a story…

    We tried Barkbox for 6 months, and the collies would get so excited each month when it would arrive. It only took two deliveries before they figured out that the arrival of the box, meant new treats and toys. And now, even though we no longer have the subscription, they think EVERY package that arrives is for them! lol

    • LOL – that is so funny. Our dogs feel the same way. With all the packages coming from brands, from our food company, and me coming home with surprises – they’re shocked when something doesn’t end up in their mouth after I walk through the door with packages or bags.

    • Barkbox is high on my list. How was your experience?

      • @allthingscollie

      • It’s been stellar so far.

  3. Look like great products , and subscription sure helps us save some money , which is pretty cool

  4. I think I finally found a subscription I want to try…this one! Thanks for the code! How long is the $10 off available?!

    • I wasn’t given an expiration date, but I think that’s because it’s for a one time use. So I’m going to subscribe to the 3 month one on pay day :)

  5. Ooh, how exciting! It sounds like this one is full of great stuff! I’ll be reviewing it next month and cannot wait! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m expecting one of these! Yours looks great! My dog has still yet to try a pizzle stick… but we do love those CloudStar treats that are in there.

  7. Kim, I’ve never bought anything off of Doggy Loot. I better stay away! I love these subscription services, but I usually don’t sign up for them longterm because I don’t see them as a necessity (I’m painfully frugal). Still, I think they are so much fun and I would love getting a surprise gift box for my dog every month. A Bugsy Box subscription would make a really nice gift to a friend, don’t you think? Something to keep in mind for birthdays and holidays.

    • I think it would make an awesome gift. Just 1 month ($30) gives someone a box of things that are worth more than that. It’s a very generous gift.

  8. We tried bugsy’s box and barkbox as they are pretty much the only two (besides Pets Love Toys) that ship to canada (for a reasonable amount). I had issues with cancelation with bugsy’s box as I was not happy with the toys and treats I recieved and e-mailed them in early february 2013 to cancel and that was not put through until months later after playing months of internet tag. They would not let me use the dealathon coupons I bought (even though they didnt expire until 2015). And even charged me for a box (months after I canceled) but NEVER even SENT the box! (needless to say I told visa and they reverted the payment on the grounds I never received the item).

    I have heard they are under new management so if you really can cancel with the click of the button that would be nice, and save the run around that you were worried about and I experienced. Hopefully they are better now! I have considered giving them another chance. (But if you have to chose between Bugys Box and Barkbox – my vote is 100% with them as their customer service is AMAZING!)

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Julia – so far it’s been great so I think they must have fixed some of the problems. It’s always nice to hear from others no matter their experience, money is money.

  9. Very interesting indeed. I’ve actually never heard of subscription services like this…

    I wonder if someone will offer something like this in South Africa… I’ll have to do some digging. I agree that this will most definitely save me a few bucks since I also like to go on a monthly shopping spree on Amazon and yeah, shipping s hefty to South Africa I might add.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • You should contact them to ask what shipping to South Africa would be? That’ll give them pause. I didn’t realize you were so far away. I love that you truly come to the table with a unique experience :)

      • I forgot to add, thanks for the idea to contact them. Perhaps that will slow them down in their tracks a bit… :)


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