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This was going to be a completely different post, but today (Tuesday 7/16), a week after Cosmo took off, he walked up to our side door like nothing happened.  I was absolutely stunned.   The dogs spotted him first, acting uber excited at the door; I peaked out and saw the orange tail disappearing beneath the deck.  A site that I’d been hoping to see for a week.  I’m just stunned, because I truly thought that the coyotes at my cat.

Cosmo Ran Away

Tuesday night, we went to bed not realizing that Cosmo had gotten out of the house.  He’s always trying, but we usually catch him or the dogs herd him back in the house.  He caught us all looking the other way and never came back.  That night, I heard the coyotes for the first time on our property since the run in with Rodrigo.  That run in had redefined our territory and theirs and they stopped hunting on our property and we only say a coyote once during the day.

We’ve looked for Cosmo every morning and every evening; I even did a few middle of the night searches with my headlamp and bat (for monsters).  I even took the dogs around, hoping they’d pick up on a trail – they played a lot.  No Cosmo.  I think the coyotes ate my cat.

We’ve notified our 2 neighbors, I’ve put an add on Craigslist with all the other lost pet ads, and I’ve reached out to the shelter.  I was convinced that our Cosmo was gone, but I was trying to take comfort knowing that he had a good life and he wanted to be an outside cat.  And I hoped that another family found him and took him in, allowing him to go in and out at his leisure.

Cats vs Dogs

A coworker told me that cats have a way of surviving out there.  Many dogs are pretty clueless about surviving on their own, but cats learn faster about their environment.  I don’t know if I believe this; we always hear stories of dogs returning to their families after months and years.  They have stories of cats too.  I think she was just trying to comfort me and, I’ll admit, that it worked for a while.  This morning, I’m convinced that she was 100% right!

This video makes me smile, because cats are so very special.  While Cosmo was away, Jaffrey started interacting more with the dogs (lonely?) and he was getting a lot of attention (guilt?).  But this morning, he was excited to see Cosmo for a few seconds, then not very happy with me when I sprayed them both down with all natural, flea and tick repellent.  I’m currently waiting for the above Four Pawed pet bowl for our kitties and I’m happy that I won’t be sad when it arrives, still mourning the loss of Cosmo.  Instead, it’ll be a celebration.

Was it My Fault?

Which brings me to the guilt and blame.  I knew Cosmo was always trying to get out, why wasn’t I paying attention?  Why didn’t I check the house before we went to bed?  Why did I just assume that he’d come back home or that he was under the house?  Why didn’t I immediately tell my neighbors that he was missing?  Why?  Why?  Why?  I try not to picture what Cosmo is or was going through when he found himself outside of the house.  I imagine initially he was overjoyed with his freedom, but I can’t help but wonder how soon he was terrified, cold, and hungry.

Where the Hell Did He Go?

Now this is the question of the day!  He looks like he was gone for a few hours, not for 7 days.   He’s healthy, hydrated, and clean.  You should have seen him!  I imagined bites, cat fights running for his life, starvation, dehydration.  I called to him, he meowed loudly and clearly (I had imagined that he’d lost his voice and couldn’t call for me), and came to me to be lifted up into my arms.  He leaped out of my arms (just like he always does, no cuddling for Cosmo), allowed me to clean him off, and then grabbed a bite before heading for a nap.


Have you lost a cat or had a cat runaway?

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