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It’s been nearly 800 days since the beginning of Cats vs Dogs.  Those uncouth, slobbering, tail wagging beasts still reign supreme in the lower echelons (downstairs) of our castle.  At first they were interesting; a curious addition to the home that seemed to make Mother happy and kept the Dutch Man from bothering us.  But as they started to grow, we quickly realized that they may just be a permanent fixture in our lives. 

Jaffrey - One Half
My name is Jaffrey.  Me and my associate Cosmo live with our Mother and a Dutch Man (who is intolerable by the way) in a lovely home on a tremendous expanse of property that Mother won’t allow us to explore.  I snuck out once and was trapped outside – it was horrible.  I’ll never go out again.  Cosmo refuses to believe that it was a living nightmare.  He’s currently plotting his escape.

Cosmo checking the carpet
On the very day that we came to the realization that the dogs (I can barely get that word out of my mouth) were going to stay, Cosmo stormed downstairs and in a loud, authoritative voice shouted 


Those beasts had the audacity to run to Cosmo Kramer, invading his personal space, breathing hot breath, and threatening his gorgeous coat with their wet tongues.  Cosmo was appalled and stormed back up the stairs and we started plotting from that moment on.  Something had to be done about Sydney and Rodrigo.

The dogs aren’t that bright, despite what Mother claims ad nauseum.  They’re idiots and I planned to prove this by holding court at the landing dividing our feline domain (upstairs) from the lower echelons (downstairs).  Those idiots would lie at our feet, paying rapt attention to everything we said.

Our thoughts on Sydney

Sydney is turning out to be a good dog.  Not quite the Princess Pretty Paws Mother has named her, but she’s not as uncouth as the other dogs.  Oh, did I not tell you?  There are three, Mother and the Dutch Man brought home a third beast and they call him Blue.  Blue is what we were when we realized that this wasn’t a foster.  Back to him later.

Sydney is respectful when we come downstairs.  She sits or lies down patiently, watching us with attentive eyes as we stroll around the lower echelons.  But then her brother Rodrigo ruins it all.

Our thoughts on Rodrigo

He’s a ill-mannered ogre of a creature who is just plain untrainable.  Yes, he listens to Mother.  Ohhh, he loves Mother.  But he just will not listen to Cosmo or myself.  He is our greatest failure.  He only survives, because of his genuine love of our Mother and he sometimes aggravates the Dutch Man.  For that alone, he can be forgiven.

Our thoughts on Blue

And then there’s the puppy.  Yes, he’s cute and wiggle and barks inappropriately which just sends Mother into hysterics and has turned the Dutch Man into melting butter.  It’s disgusting.  We don’t mind the puppy too much, but now that there are three of these creatures roaming free in the house, something must be done.

We will update you soon on the changes in our world of Cats vs Dogs.

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