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Hello, Pet Lovers.  It’s me again.  Lord Jaffrey of Centennial.  Yes, I have a Title now.  I got the idea from our new sponsors, Pets with Titles.  Why shouldn’t a regal feline like myself have a Title?  What about Cosmo, you ask?  Well he just had to have a title too and is now Lord Cosmo of Patronus (he’s a fan of Harry Potter).

Now that we’re Lords of the house, you’d think we’d get a little more respect; a little more peace and quiet.  But no.  Apparently even Nobility doesn’t spare us from the happenings of a puppy.  In this week’s Cats vs Dogs I’m going to share with you the secret shame of the Gauthier-Kingsberry (Mother and The Dutch Man) household.

Our morning routine…

We’ve accepted the way of things on the weekend.  I help Mother rise from her slumber by gently reminding her that I’m hungry.

Meowww.  Meeoooowwww.  Meeooowwwwwwwwwww.

She stumbles out of bed (she certainly lacks grace in the morning) and feeds us our yummy food.  She heads downstairs to wake the beasts and we can hear her chipper “Go potty for Mommy” as we chomp away in our wing of the castle.

The dogs are allowed in the house, fed a kibble they seem to love (I’ve checked it out and I’m not impressed), and then everyone curls up in the living room while Mother slowly wakes up and starts the day.

I thought he was potty trained…

As Mother is perking up, Lord Cosmo and myself are settling down for our morning constitution.  I sighed deeply (and loudly) as Blue marched up the stairs.  Here to devour the kitty food, I imagine.  Yes, he took a couple of bites.  I couldn’t bring myself to care, I had had my fill.  I thought he was going to march back downstairs on those enormous paws of his; but no, he turned to the left.  Where is he going…no NOOOO bad dog!!!!

Imagine my surprise as I watched The Puppy sniff around, spin in circles, and then do his business in the hallway.  After having defiled our wing of the castle he marched down the stairs jauntily and no one was the wiser.

You have got to be kidding me!

A change in the potty routine…

I can tell you this, Blue knows better than to potty upstairs and I never heard Mother encouraging him to “go potty for Mommy” while in the hallway.

Well, it turns out that the dogs have a potty schedule in the morning and since Blue sleeps in a kennel, he must be taken outside immediately.  What we’re learning is that the little heathen needs to go twice in the morning.  Once upon awakening and once after breakfast.

Now that everyone is on the same page, we’re happy to see that the young pup is taken out for longer periods and two times in the morning.

So much for baby gates…

Although the baby gates can’t keep the puppy from climbing the stairs, at least he hasn’t discovered our litter box.  I remember the day when a young Rodrigo found the haven.  Yuck!   That was when the baby gate was introduced.  That useless tool has been combined with Natures Miracle to protect our wing of the castle.  Or so they say.

The lesson Mother and The Dutch Man have learned is that dog training never ends.

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