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When Mother and The Dutch Man fostered their first dog, Morgan, Mother got a kick out of dressing him up.  I watched, appalled, as this little dog allowed her to put him in t-shirts, jackets, and sweaters.  He actually seemed to enjoy it.  I turned to Cosmo and growled.  Cosmo responded “we’re next.”

Morgan has left our home and Mother hasn’t played dress up with us, yet.  She has been chattering with The Dutch Man about “outfits” as she stares at her notebook while some wicked guy named Google sends her image after image that causes her to trill “isn’t this cuuuttteeeeeee????”

I thought my new found respect for The Dutch Man (he agrees that Slumber Party Sleepover Night isn’t a great idea) would be solidified when he laughed off her idea of dressing us – but that traitor actually thinks it’ll be hilarious to see us dressed up.  I wonder if he thinks the present I plan to leave in his shoe hilarious.  Yes, laugh it up Dutch Man.

Fortunately for us, Mother saw through The Dutch Man’s glee too and decided to spare us the humiliation of Halloween costumes this year.  The slobbering dogs weren’t so lucky…looks like in this battle of Cats vs Dogs, cats win again.

Here’s your chance to win a Halloween costume for your dog!  There are 5 prizes (one per winner) and it’s very easy to win!

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