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Cats vs Dogs | When the Threat of Coyotes inspires Sarcasm in Mother

Last week we were shocked awake by the most horrible sound on the planet.  Coyotes.  These creatures are worst than the three heathens that lick and drool on us after they devour our food.  No, I am not exagerating.

Coyotes will do all of the above and then eat us too.  So when they announced their presence on our property, Cosmo and I took cover beneath the bed while Mother bolted down the hall, down the stairs and out the door.  For once, The Dutch Man and I were in sync.

“Where the hell is she going?

Lots of chatter between Mother and The Dutch Man and we learned that the coyotes were chasing a deer.  Don’t even ask what a deer is, who am I, Jack Hanna?  I don’t know who that is either.

Mother and The Dutch Man went from window to window and in and out of the house chattering on about the coyotes and deer while Cosmo and I took cover beneath the bed wondering when the horrible coyote calls would stop.  Mother even went outside as we listened to the sound of hooves, barking and yelping.  It was the end of the world and apparently the dogs were taking over, because we could hear what sounded like hundreds barking.

And then there was silence.  Everyone settled in and I thought “I could eat” and meowed to Mother.  Mother didn’t agree.

A few hours later, the malay forgotten, and the coyotes came back.  Calling to each other and riling up every dog in the area once again.  I think I hate coyotes.  And we had no idea our three ruffians weren’t the only ones, but after that night, we knew differently.  That’s comforting.

Mother and The Dutch Man closed the windows so that we could all return to bed.  The Dutch Man brought the dogs back in the house from their yard (can you believe they have their own yard?).  And then Mother turned to me and asked…

“Still want to be an outdoor cat?”

Really?  This is the time for an “I told you so.”  That’s Mother; never missing opportunity to be a smart a##.  I didn’t bother dignifying her response with a meow.  I stood, held my head high, and walked out of the room.  Cosmo followed.

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