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When I think about how little I knew about dogs a few years ago compared to today, I laugh.

Rodrigo and Sydney were 6 months old when I learned that eye gook in a dog’s could be caused by allergies; this was also when I learned that dogs had allergies.  A fellow dog mom shared that her dog gets allergies in the spring, summer and fall.

I just thought it was the same as the crusty gook I get in the morning.

Cleaning Your Dog's Eyes

For years, we used our fingers to gently remove our dogs’ eye gook and then they get a kiss and praise for sitting patiently for this quick, daily beauty routine.

What I never thought of is “where have my fingers been?”  Is this sanitary?  And am I supposed to clean the inside corners of our dogs’ eyes?

“Yes, any excess mucous, secretions, tears, or matter should be routinely cleaned from these areas. Most pets will collect a small amount of eye secretion or debris at the inside eye lid corners, just like we do.”

~ Banfield Pet Hospital

Well, that’s good to know.  But when it comes to the eye gook, instead of using our fingers, the Banfield Pet Hospital recommends using a “moistened, soft, clean cloth, cotton ball or tissue to gently wipe any secretions away.”

Dog Fashion Spa Eye Wipes

Dog Fashion Spa offers a gentle cleaner just for this chore.  The Gentle Eye Pads for Dogs help us keep our dogs’ eyes free of eye gook without risking irritation.  They’re fragrance free and can be used daily, because some dogs need to have their eye area cleaned regularly.

When we received a set of Dog Fashion Spa products to review, I quickly created a pampering routine for our dogs.  Sydney is loving the attention.  Rodrigo doesn’t mine a little extra love either.

The puppies aren’t old enough yet for grooming, but they are benefiting from DFS paw care during these cold winter months.

Eye gook isn’t life threatening and usually isn’t something to worry about.  But if discharge from your dog’s eyes increase, is a yellow or green color, or has a smell – call the vet.  If your dog’s eyes are causing him trouble (swelling, itching) – call the vet.  But if you just want to focus on their beautiful eyes instead of eye  gook, then check out Dog Fashion Spa and pamper your pooch.

What’s your favorite way to pamper your dog?

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