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Cleaning Tile is Easier than Cleaning Carpet @GoodHomeCo

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We (as in my boyfriend) finally finished our tiling project.

I did do something – I wiped down the tile and kept the dogs busy.  J did all the hard stuff and his hard work paid off.  The rooms are gorgeous.

We’ve always talking about removing the carpet, but knew that it had to be done when the puppies started growing faster and taking over our furniture.

Did you know that no matter how often you vacuum, your carpets are never clean when you have animals?  Well, that’s what it feels like – so we got rid of the carpet.

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Zoey on Tile Flooring

And I  placed an order for floor soap by The Good Home Store.

Having 4 dogs wrecks havoc on our house and we find ourselves cleaning daily and I had to wonder about the impact of traditional cleaning products on our dogs (who are walking on newly mopped floors).

So we decided to spend a little more money and go with a pet safe product.  The floor soap we now use…

  • lasts a couple months (a lot longer than the store bought cleaner we used to buy),
  • it does a great job cleaning our hardwoods and the new tile flooring,
  • and  I love the smell.

I even put a cap full in our Rainbow RainMate to freshen the air.

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  1. Thanks for the information. Your tile floors are gorgeous! It has the warm look of wood, but your dogs can’t scratch it.

    • Thanks! We love them. I can’t stay out of that room now. :)

  2. Oh I LOVE your new tile!! So cool that it looks like wood without getting scratched up eventually by dog nails. I agree that carpeting never feels quite clean enough when you have dogs, no matter what you do.

  3. I was never really a carpet guy. Especially after I got a couple pups to live with me. Carpet was always such a hassle and I do think hardwood and your tile that looks like wood is great. Easier to clean, harder to scratch and just gives off a better overall look.

    • I love the new floors, so much better for our lifestyle.

  4. The floors are beautiful. You may, though, want to put down some area rugs. Sorry!! Dogs can slide on uncarpeted floor and hurt themselves. Just a thought!!

    • We have area rugs, I took these pictures before we brought the furniture back into the room. And the tile is textured, much easier for the dogs to walk on :) But thanks!

  5. I LOVE the tile. Before we bought this house we had been in military housing for a decade. I was tired of linoleum. I saw the beige carpet and thought it was wonderful — for about six months! Two kids and a dog — what was I thinking? But you’re right, whatever cleaning products you use, they need to be pet safe. We have birds too, and that really limits what we use.

    BTW, I enjoy your blog so much that I am giving you the “Sunshine Award” ( for details). I know I don’t comment much (yes, I’m a lurker) but I wanted to let you know that I do pay attention! Thanks for all you do. — Kelley

    • Kelley, thank you. And yeah, I love brand new carpet – there’s nothing like sinking your toes into it. But then the dogs come in and the cat pukes up breakfast, and the carpet pads get old – and, you know what I mean :)

  6. Those new floors are gorgeous!

  7. We have hardwood too – I can’t imagine having carpet with dogs anymore – one little tummy ache and it’s over.

    • Rodrigo puked up something horrible this morning. I was afraid to look to close, but I’m certain it was a reptile of some sort – snake – ewwww. It was on the hardwoods. Easy clean up and an opportunity to practice Leave It with Scout.

  8. But if you have carpet, and you clean it, it can be so beautiful than no any tile will be so.

    • When you have pets (we have 6) you have to have the carpets cleaned monthly – that costs between $150-$300 A MONTH – I would rather spend that money on food, training class, or put it into savings. Carpet, in my opinion, is a terrible idea for homes with pets, because it’s difficult to keep looking nice. You spend all that money having it installed and then it’s ruined in no time.

      Our hardwoods and tile flooring look gorgeous. We get compliments all the time. The only we need to do is sweep and dry mop with a microfiber type mop. They make so many pet free products meant to keep our floors clean and looking new.

      If we sell our house in a year, people will love the flooring, because it’ll look new. If we had carpet, people would request that we recarpet the house before they bought it. That is just not worth the investment. But this is just my own opinion.

  9. I totally agree that carpets will never look and feel clean when you have pets. It actually act as dirt filters which lessen dirt allergens 15 times than plain hardwood floor. It literally traps dirt and it needs serious cleaning and high maintenance. It’s more appropriate for families without hairy animals around. I really liked that hardwood tile anyway. Looks really neat, chic and definitely scratch-proof.

    • Thanks for stopping by; we used to have our carpets cleaned a few times a year and our service provider used pet safe products. It wasn’t expensive. And thanks for the information you shared – THAT’s why my allergies have gotten better since we removed the carpet. We love our new floors.

  10. Yeah, I agree with you that cleaning a tile is easier that cleaning a carpet. For cleaning carpet it takes more time and difficult too. By cleaning pet safe cleaning products we can protect our pets. Thanks for sharing it with us and keep up blogging.


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