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I walk three dogs and managing three dogs on leash, an iPod, keys, wallet, poo bags, a phone and training treats can be a nightmare.  I thought that switching to leash free walking would free up a hand or two, but I was wrong, because I’m still juggling all my crap.  I need all this stuff; that’s when I started looking for a dog walking accessory that would help.

I tried looking for a purse that could handle all of my stuff and stand up to wet dogs, crappy weather (at times), the occasional strange dog who jumps on me as a greeting, while allowing me to keep up with m pack and I failed.  There are bags made specifically for dog walkers, but every one that I found was either too bulky, sort of like a diaper bag, or they were just purses renamed to make dog lovers think “a this is for me!” and they failed miserably.

After few times of picking up my keys out of a mud puddle (at least it wasn’t my phone, right?) I knew I needed something different and was excited when I learned about the FREEPLAY Multisak Dog Walking Organizer.

The Must Have Dog Walking Accessory

The Multisak latches on to our dog’s leash, has multiple pockets, and holds everything.  It’s water proof, hands free, and holds everything; and can easily fit more than I lung around with me when we walk the dogs.  Oh and the material makes it great for our Pacific Northwest rain.  I was skeptical when I heard about it, thrilled when I saw it (so adorable), and in love when I first used it.  I’ll never go back to my sudo-dog walking purse now that I have a Multisak.


  • water proof
  • many pockets
  • allows me to walk hands free when I do walk the dogs on the leash
  • easy to hold when I’m not walking the dogs on a leash
  • comes in great colors
  • it’s nice to have something to grab when we’re leaving for a walk
  • the pockets are kind of weird and take some getting used to; I can see that some may not like the way it’s organized
  • I wish it had a handle for when you wanted to hold it in your hand; it’s not impossible, but a handle would be a nice addition


So what dog walking accessory can you not live without?  Or are do keep it light when you walk your dogs?


  1. This is a nice item. It will certainly reduce our problem as well as our dogs’. I have seen the item. Thanks to you & amazon as well.

    • Pleasure! Be sure to share the item with your friends who walk dogs regularly. I really think it could be a hit. Thanks so much for commenting! I appreciate it :)

  2. That looks pretty cool. I don’t take much when we walk though. I try to walk leash free as much as possible, and I usually only take my phone, which clips to my pants. I do have a pooh bag carrier thing that goes on one of the leashes.

    • You are doing it right. I really need to utilize my pockets more! LOL

  3. What a great accessory for dog walkers! Must share. Thanks for the info.

    • My pleasure. It’s thrilling to see people come up with stuff especially for dog parents!

  4. I sometimes use a fanny pack type thing (so cool, I know), but I usually just use pockets and end up taking way more than I need. Sometimes I make the dogs carry thier own stuff though in a backpack. I really like the ruffwear brand of stuff.

    • I’ve been trying to keep from going the fanny pack route, but with three strong dogs, it might become necessary :) I tried to use my Multisak with a belt and then I realized I don’t have a belt. I haven’t worn a belt in years.

  5. Great coverage; thank you. We too have a great item that meets the similar dog walkers needs, but manufactured in totally different materials called the PoopPac Dog Walkers Case. The PoopPac is an all-in-one dog walkers case to both carry used waste bags odor free, and to dispense new waste bags. The main construction difference is we use a very light thermoformed laminated foam so the case is both rigid and light weight. It is tough and comes with a wrist lanyard, adjustable shoulder strap and built in belt clip, leaving you hands free and odor free (with our activated charcoal filter) to enjoy your walk. Love to see similar items on the market as the more choice customers have the less poop left on the beaches and sidewalks…


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