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“Have you ever had one event … that was disguised as ordinary but as it unfolded it turned your heart causing you to question all that you believed in? I had one; it spanned eleven years and began with a bouncy, crazy-eyed cattle dog named Woo.” ~ Conversations with Woo, Facebook Page

If I were to write a book about my day to day life with our dogs, it would like Conversations with Woo.  When I was contacted by Meg Trafford to review her book, I was a little hesitant, because I just came off a streak of receiving depressing “so, your dog died” books.  Conversations with Woo is so different.  It’s beautiful and every chapter made me look at each of our dogs and appreciate the time we’ve spent together, recall cool things about them, and wish that I had taken the time to document their lives.

This book isn’t just about a woman and her dog.  She also explores Woo’s relationship with his pack mates, training methods, diets, and how dogs think.  It’s a pretty deep book, but written in a light-hearted manner that kept me engaged.

Do Dogs Have Memories

Not of specific events, but sometimes things trigger a memory.  This made me wonder if that’s why Blue barks at strangers (especially people who come on our property).  I don’t know much about Blue’s history before he was rescued by Motley Zoo, but I don’t think he was with friendly people.

The Raw Food Diet

Dealing with the subject of the health benefits and possible risks of a raw food diet for dogs was much appreciated, because it helped me understand more about making the change, which I have been considering.

The Bond Between Human and Dog

All through the book, Meg reminds us of the bond between dogs and their humans.  Meg sang a song.  I make a knows “voo voo voo voo” to Blue that I started when he joined our family and that still makes him silly today.  For Sydney, I just say her name very fast to get her to wiggle around.  And for Rodrigo, I just open my arms to him and he moves in for a snuggle, loving to hear that I think he’s the best dog.


Meg Trafford beautifully shows how a dog can change our life.  I know my three have definitely changed my life.  Stay tuned for a February giveaway of this great book!



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