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We feed our dogs Halo Pets, but I’m very interested in cooking for our dogs and have challenged myself to cook a meal for our dogs once a week.  I found this cool video on YouTube by Anton who is making homemade dog food and it looks really easy.  In fact, the recipe looks like something I’ve already tried and I think I’ll try again.

What I love about this homemade dog food recipe is that he cooks the whole chicken and discards the bone.  I get mixed reviews on bones, but I don’t feel comfortable feeding our dogs cooked chicken bones.  I didn’t mix it with my hands though.  And I love the idea of saving the chicken stock for soup for the humans :)

PS – we have the exact same raised feeding dish for our dogs.

If you have a great, healthy and safe dog food, dog treat, or Kong stuffing recipe that you’d like to share with thousands of dog lovers, please head on over to the Contact Page and submit it to Keep the Tail Wagging along with your name.  The recipe will be attributed to you and promoting online on all the major social networking sites!

As with any change to your dog’s diet, please double check with your veterinarian.

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