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Shopping @Wayfair for National Dress Up Your Pet Day is January 14th

As I type this, it’s Saturday, it’s cold, and the dogs are having a blast.  The humans aren’t fans.  When I was putting on layer after layer of clothing to deal with the cold (yep, I’m a wuss) I was looking at adorable Sydney and thinking that she would look great in a winter coat.  Blue could use one too.  And I don’t want to leave Rodrigo out.

Monday, January 14th is National Dress Up Your Pet Day

I’ve always wanted a small dog that I could dress up every day in cute winter coats, sweaters, and t-shirts with cute sayings.  I had this for a week with our foster dog Morgan (a Whippet Chihuahua mix) last winter, but I haven’t indulged dressing up our dogs.  Why? They’re too big, the clothing for their size is super expensive.  They would wear it for a hot minute until guilt made me take it off (they can work those puppy eyes).

We don’t just have dogs; we have two cats too.  I shudder to think how quickly they’d shred me and the clothing if I dared dress them up.

So, to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day I thought it would be fun to think up some cool winter outfits for my pups and Wayfair was kind enough to help by sending me images of my favorite items of their online catalog.  Thanks, Wayfair!

It seems like most people who dress up their dogs are having fun.  After a couple of years of dog ownership, I’ve learned that  dressing up your dog to keep them warm or dry is just smart.  Why should our dogs be too cold in the winter, soaking wet in the spring, or too hot in the summer (cooling jackets for dogs)?  That being said, our dogs aren’t out of the woods yet.  We live in the Pacific Northwest and we could get a lot of use out of rain gear.  I wonder if they’d trade a bath from wearing a coat for just a few hours a week.


Do you dress up your dog?


  1. My grandma’s dog has some of those doggy slippers. They have a non-slip bottom because he has some trouble with his hind legs getting up on the tile floors from a surgery he had some years ago. My dog is about 55 lbs and she loves to wear her clothes!

    • Thanks, Ann
      I’m going to pick up the slippers this weekend. I hope we get snow. Speaking of slippery floors; you just reminded me that I need those shower floor sticky things, because the floor is too slippery for Sydney. Yep, our dogs have their own shower. We’re not rich; we’re just dog people.



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