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Our Favorite Dog Food Brands We Think Every Dog Lover Should Check Out

Summer festivals will be here before you know it, which means that I need to start thinking of a gift basket to raffle off to dog lovers and I love to include our favorite dog food brands.  Feeding three dogs isn’t always easy.  We’ve spent a lot of time researching dog food brands to find a formula that works for all three of our dogs.  We suspect that Rodrigo is allergic to chicken; removing chicken formulas (like Life’s Abundance) from his diet alleviated the obsessive paw licking (whew!).  He also has a sensitive stomach, so he inspired us to seek out quality, holistic dog food brands.

Today, we happily feed our dogs food from two different quality dog food brands.  Halo, Purely for Pets Spot’s Stew kibble.  I think these along with our favorite treats would make a great gift basket.  What do you think?

Update: Starting April 2013, we switched our dogs to a raw food diet.  This post has been updated to remove treats that we no longer feed to our dogs.

Halo Pets Original Spot’s Stew | Wild Salmon, Wholesome Lamb

Our dogs love their Halo Pets kibble.  Every other brand we’ve tried, we’ve had to doctor it up a bit to get the dogs to eat it, not Halo Pets.  A 28 pound bag costs $60 at Petco and lasts one month with our three dogs.  I buy from Petco, because we earn points through the Pet Pals membership towards a $5 coupon with each purchase.  I’ve been earning $10 a month that offsets their food.

Product Highlights (source: Halo Pets website):

  • Real meat. No rendered meat or meal from chicken, poultry, lamb, fish or plants.
  • Formulated with vitamins, minerals, and other trace nutrients
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Wild salmon, fresh lamb, butcher quality chicken
  • Whole egg
  • Bounty of farm-raised vegetables
  • Home-style recipe with easy to recognize and understand ingredients
  • Natural sources of soluble and insoluble fiber
  • No corn, wheat or wheat gluten

Our favorite treats?

What are your favorite food and treat brands?


  1. I found Halo when was having a special on it (3.99 for a 4lb bag!) and Brogan loves it! LOVES IT! We also use Wellness grain free for him. I think I’ll try the Natural Balance rolls on your recommendation.

    Now that I’m writing this – I think I learned about Halo from you back in the day. It really IS good quality food.

    • That’s great, Lisa! We’ve been so happy with Halo. I’m considering cooking more, but it’ll be along with Halo and Natural Balance. :)

  2. Thanks for the info – my dog eats and thrives on The Honest Kitchen with Dr Harvey’s veg-to-bowl. We did feed our last dog Halo and we liked that a lot, too. Dexter is a fan of the Natural Balance Tillman’s Treats as well.

    • I’ll have to check out those treats. Our dogs are always down for treats :)

  3. We sometimes give our dogs the Natural Balance rolls for treats – but try to shy away from giving them too much meat. At the animal shelter I used to work at we called it “doggy crack” because they went nuts for it. We could always get a dog that was not eating to devour that stuff.

    My special needs dog, Falkor, has a very sensitive stomach. We use the Natural Balance dry vegan formula for their every-day food and it works well but it puts quite a dent in the wallet.

    • That’s so cool that there’s a vegan formula. I’m just in love with Natural Balance. I haven’t tried their kibble yet.

  4. I don’t really have a favorite dog treat, but Shiner prefers anything tasty and chewy :) I prefer stuff without chicken or beef since she seems to be allergic like yours. We just tested some food out that had chicken, beef, and grains and now she seems pretty itchy! Will have to try some of these out sometime.

    • The chicken is a tough one. My dogs can’t even have real chicken, or at least not much. I thought it was chicken meal that they were allergic to; nope, it’s chicken. Beef seems to be okay and they’re good with salmon, lamb and turkey. Thank heavens it’s not all poultry :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Ann

  5. The Natural Balance roll was a lifesaver when ricochet had Immune mediated hemolytic anemia and wouldn’t eat anything. After buying a bunch of crappy treats and a variety of food I remembered the little roll I had and that got him going. Since then I’ve suggested it to my sister for her dog in with renal disease and my friend’s dog who had a bad gastric reaction to medication when both dogs were off feed. They both loved it.

    It does have sugar as one of the top ingredients so I don’t give it regularly, but when a dog won’t eat, I’ll give him anything he wants.

    • That is so wonderful to hear, Dawn. We’ve been using it to yummy up our dogs food and it’s great and lasts a long time since we just grate some into their food. I love it and I’m a big big fan!

  6. Stella & Chewy’s freeze-dried raw all the way. It’s not available here in France, so I buy it on promo back in the US and ship it to myself. Superior nutrition w/o the mess of doing raw yourself. But def NOT cheap. Thank goodness my dog is small! Primal is great too.

    • So cool that you found a way to get your favorite food, Diane! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Dr Harvey’s K9 Health is our favorite… and they are coming out with a new one soon, called Oracle, with the protein in it… (you have to add meat to K9 Health)…

    • I haven’t even heard of that one; thanks for sharing. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it!


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