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A Few Things to Know About Dog Health, Keep the Tail Wagging

We have three healthy dogs who do require the unschedule trip to the veterinarian.  When this happens I want to report this to the readers of Keep the Tail Wagging with everything I learned to help you better raise happy, healthy dogs.  The Dog Health Topics page shouldn’t be used to diagnose your dog.  The links are to information to better educate you on common ailments with our dogs.

I realized the importance of building a Dog Health Topics page when I was doing the research for Canine Parvovirus and found that there were contrary reports. I was fortunately enough to connect with Dr. Lander of the ASPCA, Dr Cathy of HoofStockVet, and others to help me put together better information and I hope it helps you too.  I’ve found other great information online provided by Dr. Karen Becker and Organic Pet Digest.

This page will be updated as more dog health topics are added.

Are We Over Vaccinating Our Pets?

Arthritis in Dogs

Can a Dog’s Leg Fall Asleep

Canine ParvoVirus

Chicken Allergies in Dogs (Why We No  Longer Buy Life’s Abundance)

CPR for Dogs

Dog’s Anatomy Facts (Infographic)

First Aid Kit for Dogs

Household Poisons

Obesity in Pets (Infographic)

Puppy Pyoderma

Salmon Poisoning and Dogs

Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs (UTI)


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