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Dog Lovers Will Love the Book The Stolen Dog by Tricia O’Malley

I received a free digital copy of The Stolen Dog to read and review for my wonderful readers.  This is my honest opinion of a book that I wasn’t keen to read.

When I was around 9 or 10, I had a dog named Sheila.  She was a black Cocker Spaniel and the love of my life.  Someone stole her from our yard and we never found her.  My mom took me everywhere to find her after school each day. We never found her.

Today, I’m 42 years old and I still think back to the bastards that took a little girl’s puppy and I think that there is a special spot in hell for people like that.

When Rodrigo and Sydney were puppies, my boyfriend accused me of wanting them to love them more than me.  I would feed them by hand, cuddle and play with them for hours, and I came home daily with a new surprise for them.  One day Johan made a comment about how I treated the dogs and it hit me.  I wanted them to love us so much that if someone tried to take them, they’d fight like hell to stay on their property.

I then told Johan the story of Sheila and was surprised by the emotion that returned.  After that, he came home mid-day every day to play with the dogs and he’d text me to let me know how they were doing and send me pictures.  Do I have the greatest guy or what?

The Stolen Dog by Tricia O'Malley

When I was introduced to the book The Stolen Dog I didn’t want to read it.  Are you kidding?  The person who gets nightmares from the ASPCA commercials is so not reading a book about a stolen dog.  I fired off an email to the author and told her that I would read her book IF she got her dog back – she completely understood and SPOILER ALERT she sent me the book.

It was amazing.  I went through every emotion as if I was standing alongside this couple who had their dog stolen.  I completely related to everything they went through and loved that the book was written day by day, because that’s how you would live; day by day worrying about your baby.  Are they taking care of him?  Do they understand that he gets scared when ____?  What are they feeding him?  Does he know that we’re doing everything to find him?  Does he think we threw him away?

I went from crying while empathizing with this couple, joy when they got a lead, disappointment and frustration when it didn’t pan out, and rage when someone would call to let them know that their beloved dog is probably bait in a dog fighting ring.  The most amazing moments, besides the ending that will have you laughing and crying, is when strangers would come up to Tricia and just hug her; I would get completely choked up.

I loved The Stolen Dog.  It was well written by a dog mom that we can all relate to.  It was amazing, and I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to read it.  My dogs are my babies and I’ve told Johan many times that I would burn down our town looking for them and beat the crap (straight ghetto) out of the person who touched my babies.  But mostly, I’d just be relieved to have them home, safe with me.

It doesn’t take much to appreciate our dogs; a tail wag melts my heart.  But The Stolen Dog elevated my appreciation of them (and our cats) and what they bring to our life.  It’s my job to protect them and give them the best that I can and I work my butt off to do that.

Now you tell me – what would you do to the person who stole your dog?


  1. I can’t imagine. That’s just terrible that someone stole your dog.

    I have to say I was interested in this book due to the title and the cover. I totally choose books that way, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Sounds like one to add to a Christmas list.

    • It’s funny that I didn’t really think about my childhood dog until we adopted dogs. I was terrified for them. I would seriously hurt someone if they touched our dogs.

      This is a great book. Tricia perfectly describes every moment and it’s all so relatable.

  2. Good review , no i have curiosity to read it :)

    • Oh you should. It’s a great book!

  3. I freaked out a little when I read this book and imagined all sorts of terrible things befalling my dogs. But Jack will barely go out with Steve, much less anyone else and Maggie would just hide…so I calmed down. I enjoyed the book though and I would do work just as hard and diligently as they did if anyone took my guys!

    • I hear ya.

  4. What would I do to the person who stole my dog? I don’t know, but can promise it wouldn’t be pretty. Seriously, I tried to write a post called “10 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Hit People With My Truck” but could only come up with 9 (link below if you can think of a 10th). As my dear Hubby likes to say, I’ve “got issues.”

    Lucky for me (sarcasm), Jedi is going through doggie adolescence and has been a real jerk to everyone but me lately. At this point dognappers would probably pay me to take him back.

    Sounds like an interesting book. I’ll have to check it out. I wouldn’t read it without the spoiler alert either, so thanks.

    • I’ve got issues right along with you and we can just be the all female version of Bonnie and Clyde. My boyfriend is a cop and is always telling me “that’s illegal” or “I’m going to laugh when you’re sitting in the back of a squad car.” People are so dumb. I can think of several reasons why I would hit someone with your truck. I’ll head over to add the lastest one. :)

  5. I’d definitely go ghetto style on those who would steal my dogs. LoL. My dogs are my children and I can relate. I’ve never had my pets stolen but I can only imagine how it feels.

    • I wouldn’t be able to sleep. Our dogs are so special, not just to me and my boyfriend, but they have quirks that only we know about and I would be so worried about how scared and confused they were. I would burn down our town looking for them and the person who was dumb enough to take them – wow!

  6. Even though she got the dog back, this book worries me. I’m such a worrywart. I’m afraid if I read it I’ll have a whole new boatload of things to worry about with Rita – even though she is almost never left alone, I’d still find a way to worry about it. I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

    • I was worried about this too, Jackie, but I got sucked into the story and didn’t give it much thought. It was just a great read. It really pulls you in.


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