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Yesterday, I shared what I learned in my research about the raw food diet for dogs and The Honest Kitchen.  I discovered that there are differing models of the raw food diet for dogs.  I was chatting with Dr. Cathy Alinovi via email and she’s so excited about the research I’m doing.

Did YOU know that the raw food diet for dogs comes in different models?  Yeah, me neither (assuming that everyone reading this is say “NOOOOO”).

This is what Dr. Alinovi shared with me almost word for word…

Raw Food Diet For Dogs | Dogs are Wolves Model

  • Dogs are served a variety of meat (with ground bone and organ meats) and it is fed at 2-3% of their body weight.
  • There are several manufacturers of pre-packaged whole prey pet food; some people form a co-op and buy in bulk to make better purchasing scale.

Raw Food For Dogs | Dr. Becker’s Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats: Simple Homemade Food

  • This diet is predominantly meat, a small amount of fruits and vegetables that mimic what was in the stomach of the wolves’ prey, and a very well calculated vitamin/mineral mixture.
  • The vitamin/mineral mix is time consuming to make, but once it’s made, the pet parent has it prepped for many, many meals to come.
  • The recommended vitamins are synthetic, but easily obtained.

Raw Food for Dogs | Traditional Veterinary Chinese Medicine Basics (Canine Wellness)

  • This approach looks for 33% meat, 33% fruits and veggies, and 33% legumes, grains and starches in the meals.
  • Balance is obtained through variety and treating the TCVM pattern of symptoms that the patient presents with.
  • I purchased this book; it’s $0.99 for the Amazon Kindle, and I’m excited to start reading.  Stay tuned for a review.

Raw Food for Dogs | Recipes from “Dinner PAWsible (contains grains and starches)

  • The meat can definitely be served raw.
  • There is no complex vitamin mixture to prepare as the variety in the recipes finish balancing the food.
  • These recipes are half the cost of grocery store pet food and use what we cook every day.
  • On the other hand, there are grains and starches in the diet – purists say this is not acceptable.

Raw Food for Dogs | Feed Dogs What We Eat  (most dangerous)

  • This is probably the most dangerous model as this method ends up being scraps – the part we don’t eat – that makes our pets ill in the long-run.

When it’s all said and done, it’s not impossible, but it is a bit daunting.  Tomorrow, I’m going to share what I learned about warming and cooling foods.


Do you feed your dog a raw food diet?  If so, please share your routine and if not, have you thought about switching to this diet?

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