Dogs and Skunks | I’m On the Train Wondering if I Smell Right Now

February 4, 2013

Dog Grooming

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It was nearly impossible for me to get out of bed this morning.  For the first time in a long time I don’t want to go to work so I kept hitting the snooze button.  When I finally got up, I went about my morning routine in a fog of sleepiness.  I woke the dogs up and took them to their yard, but instead of doing their business, they ran around barking.

I decided over the weekend that they could no longer go out into the main yard (we live on 5 acres) for their potty break, because our warm winter is waking up the critters.  Last week they woke up a rabbit.  This morning, they woke up skunk.  But didn’t I just say they could no longer go out into the main yard?  Yep, broke my rule the first day in and a skunk happened.

Well, that woke me up.

Sydney and Blue were skunk free, because they’re smarter than the average bear Rodrigo.  They were put in the Puppy Condo while Rodrigo stayed outside trying to rub the skunk off of his face.  I immediately went into fix it mode, mixed up my dogs and skunks smell removal concoction (baking powder, hydrogen peroxide, dish detergent) into a bucket and gave him a bath outside.  It’s crazy how warm it was this morning.

The dogs and skunks inspired recipe, see: REMOVE SKUNK SMELL FROM YOUR DOG FAST

We went inside and he got a lather rinse repeat with the concoction and then a real bath.  He was bummed.

Then the dogs were sent back to their condo, I stripped down and threw everything into the laundry, and I ran around getting ready for the day, praying that I didn’t smell like skunk.

The smell is in my nose now.  My nose hairs are hanging on to the scent like it’s the winning lottery ticket.  It’s getting fainter, but every now and then I feel like I get a whiff and I panic.  Is that me?  The smell is so strong that it’ll probably stay with me all day, but is it on me? I know that it’s not, but I’m still wondering if I smell right now.  I had no idea that today’s post would be inspired by dogs and skunks.  At least I didn’t have to break out the First Aid Guide this time around!  I’d rather deal with skunks and dogs than coyotes and dogs :)


So how’s your morning (or day) going?

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23 Responses to “Dogs and Skunks | I’m On the Train Wondering if I Smell Right Now”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Awww, so sorry about your rough morning. Hope the smell fades and your day gets better.
    Shawn recently published..Top 5 Reasons To Use The Editorial Calendar Plugin For WordPressMy Profile


  2. Claire Says:

    An unlikely fast and good smelling cure for skunk is a product made by a British company called LUSH Organic Cosmetics called “I Love Juicy”. My daughter is a store manager and I had the product in my house when my dog Boomer was snagged by a wandering skunk. It cut right through the smelly skunk oil with one wash and rinse and left him and me smelling clean! There aren’t many LUSH stores outside of major cities but you can get it on I will never be without a bottle of this wonderful stuff in my cabinet!


  3. SlimDoggy Says:

    I know how this feels…and invariably it happens in the morning because that’s when the skunks are out. Our Sally used to get sprayed ALL the time when we lived near Griffith Park in LA. I used the folksy remedy of canned tomato juice…it seemed to work and as a Lab she loved her baths, so it wasn’t too much of an ordeal, just the added 30 minutes to my morning rush to work!
    SlimDoggy recently published..Tales of Tails: Tino Chapter 2My Profile


  4. Dolly the Doxie Says:

    Sorry about the smell! I know us dogs love it too bad the hoomans don’t! Have you heard of Bobbi Panter dog shampoos? They are all natural, salt free, tear free. Stinky Dog shampoo contains a natural vegetable protein that will remove skunk in one wash! Much easier than all that tomato stuff! Give it a try next time you get stinky. I love to roll in smelly stuff all the time so mom uses it then. Good luck! Love Dolly


  5. Savvy Working Gal Says:

    My dogs tangled with a skunk last year in early February around 5:30 a.m. They were outside when I heard one of them barking then smelled this horrible skunk smell. I let them back in – not knowing that smell would end up every where and went to work. My co-workers could smell skunk on my coat, so I hung it in the corridor. I bought skunk remover at the pet store over lunch. We washed those dogs at least 3 times with the special soap and still thought we could smell it. We ended up washing rugs, bedding, floors and walls. We even through rugs out. It was horrible. I could still smell it in my basement for at least two months. Lesson learned – don’t let them venture in early February. If they get sprayed they can’t come back in the house. Give them a bath with your concoction immediately Sorry to hear you had a bad day.
    Savvy Working Gal recently published..My husband forbids me from going grayMy Profile


    • Kimberly Says:

      We lost 2 dog beds the last time this happened. This time he got his first bath outside. Then the next three in the dog bathroom. We’ll see what he smells like when I get home. If it’s still there, I’ll hit his nose (that’s usually the last place for the smell to leave) with some tomato sauce and then we should be good to go. He’ll smell faintly of skunk for a couple of months, but only when you put your nose to his nose. :(

      Poor baby. Thanks for sharing. Glad I’m not the only one. February, eh.
      Kimberly recently published..Why Natural Balance Pulls Support in Light of the Bridges Pets BoycottMy Profile


  6. DoggieBuddy Says:

    Ouch! So sorry to hear about your morning… skunks are no fun… Good to hear about your “concoction” :D I was just about to suggest something similar. Looks like you’re the expert (unfortunately?) ;)
    DoggieBuddy recently published..Dog Breed Spotlight: Bernese Mountain DogMy Profile


  7. Jen Says:

    Oh No! So sorry to read that this is how your week started off! Eck!

    My first Newf got sprayed by a skunk once, it was horrible. A few days adter he was sprayed I was in the grocery store and the lady in line next to me said she smelled a skunk! It was me! OMG! I was so embarrassed! I figured out that the smell was on my purse which my dog had brushed up against right after he got sprayed! Yeah-I threw the purse away after that!
    Jen recently published..Monday Mischief. The Sucker Look.My Profile


  8. Ann Paws Says:

    Uh oh! That’s no good… hate having to deal with the skunk smell! I hope Shiner learned her lesson last time. I’ll hope for the best but still have my doubts lol


  9. Jana Rade Says:

    Uh oh! Skunks stink! LOL Couple times we saw one in our yard and I can smell one around here quite frequently. Fortunately, so far nobody got skunked. Even in spite of Jasmine trying to get one play with her on the walk–twice! Didn’t get sprayed once, though.

    Better than a real emergency but I’d rather do without it anyway.
    Jana Rade recently published..Parvo: Cora’s StoryMy Profile


  10. Deena O'Daniel Says:

    What a morning! We have skunks around here but so far Dakota has not encountered one. I hope she avoids it like she avoids tangling with the deer!
    Deena O’Daniel recently published..Dog Shedding: What To Do About It?My Profile


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