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This morning, I received an email from a representative of a company asking me to promote there product Kulcer, which is the solution to leaving dogs in hot cars – according to their email to me, this product takes away the worry when it comes to leaving our dogs in hot cars.  Here is the email:

Update: I removed the email image, because even I couldn’t see it.  Here is the quote that has me concerned: “We all know that there is a lot of news that dogs die in car because their owners leave them in a sealed car under high heat. This is the news about “Dogs in Hot Cars” http://www.peta.org/issues/companion-animals/dog-hot-car.aspx Kulcar will be a solution for this kind of scenario. Their pet owners wont worry about their dogs might die in their car if they leave them in car under high heat.” ~ via email

I followed the link to their NewEgg.com listing and saw the below chart showing how temperatures are still very high; if this product is to allow us to keep our dogs in car on hot days, shouldn’t the temperatures be lower?

Sonray, Kulcer, Dogs in Hot Cars

How many dogs will be harmed, because their humans didn’t do their homework?

Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but I see that on a 97.52 degree day, without using this product, it can reach a temperature of 194 degrees in a locked car.  By using 1 Kulcer, temperature will increase to 125.42 degrees and by using 2 Kulcers, temperatures will increase to 112.46.  Granted, I know that a car is going to be hotter inside than out, so obviously this product is keeping temperatures lower than what they would be without using the product – but to say that this product takes away our fear of our dogs dying in locked cars on hot days is inaccurate and, I believe, irresponsible.

So it’s better than no Kulcer at all, but it’s not decreasing the temperatures inside the car as the emailer claims.  In response to my concerns about the claims that this product makes it safe to leave our dogs in hot cars (see first image) and the temperatures actually increasing with use (see second image), I received the following message…

I don’t know why you would say if equipped with our Kulcar, the temperatures go up?! Actually, we didn’t encourage the pet owners to leave their dog in car under high heat either with or without Kulcar. Instead, Kulcar focues more on efficiently lower down the in-car temperature and meanwhile protect both the passengers and the pets from those fumes from car interior plastics. I hope this covers your concern. 

I again tried to clarify my concern asking if the NewEgg.com listing was incorrect, but I never received a follow up response and received a response stating that the product keeps the toxin levels down in the car, something that we and our pets are breathing in when our car sits in the sun on a hot day.

What I think is being misunderstood is why a dog dies in a hot car; it appears that the emailer believes that death is due to toxins, when it’s actually due to the heat.  Although the goal isn’t to tell people that it’s now safe to leave their dogs in hot cars, we’re living in a world where people just don’t think and even the suggestion that a dog should be near a car on a 90+ degree day is irresponsible, in my opinion.

The purpose of this post isn’t to attack the company, but to warn dog owners about products claiming to protect our pets.  We all know the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars.  This past summer, I read about a teacher who locked his puppy in the trunk of a car in Florida (saved), a K9 dog who died after being forgotten in a hot car,  and we were inundated with images warning us about leaving dog in hot cars.

Dogs in Hot Cars Collage

Please share this post with your friends.  Sadly, too many dog owners believe the claims companies make about their products and it’s up to us as a community to share these warnings to keep our dogs safe.  You can also raise awareness of the dangers of dogs left in hot cars with this information.



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