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#EurekaPower | Eureka Keeps More than Our Carpets Clean

I received a Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet for free (to keep) in exchange for my honest review…

Eureka AirSpeed EXACT PET, #EurekaPower

I was so excited when we were tearing out the carpet in our living and dining room.  I’m convinced that carpet never gets truly cleaned, even when you bring someone in.

  • we have pets
  • we’ve gone through puppyhood several times
  • we have cats
  • we’re all tracking sand and dirt in the house daily

So when the carpet was coming up, it took a lot of self control not to run into the bonus room and rip up that carpet (plus the room was filled with the living and dining room furniture).  And then there’s the stairs and upstairs hallway – why do we need carpet?

The carpet upstairs will remain.  The area rugs on the newly tiled floors aren’t going anywhere.  So we’ll continue to vacuum.

We’ve been using a Rainbow, which is great except for when you’re in a hurry or need to lug it upstairs.  So when I received the opportunity to try out the new Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet, I thought “why not?”

I was given a list of messages to deliver, but I think I’m going to go off the rails and share my own thoughts – my real thoughts – about this vacuum cleaner.

  • It’s easy to put together.  I thought it would be a nightmare, because (1) I don’t read instructions thoroughly and (2) I’m too stubborn to ask for help.  Plus Scout ate the directions and user manual…

  • It cleans very quickly and thoroughly.  When I got my first fancy vacuum cleaner (a gift from J and already put together) I vacuumed for hours astounded by how dirty my floors were.  When I tried out the Eureka for the first time, I was blown away at how much it picked up in a couple of back and forths.

  • It can handle pet hair like a champ.  I tried it out upstairs first, the cats’ domain.  I was blown away by how much pet hair we had up there and we’d just vacuumed the area.  I went over it a second time after emptying the container, and picked up more.
  • The house smells great.  It’s astounding how much dirt and odor our carpets hold.  After vacuuming the upstairs, it smelled as if I’d opened all the windows.  Now I vacuum weekly, something easy to do, because…
  • The Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet is super light weight.  Even with my recent auto injury, I can pick up and move the Eureka to a new room with ease.  It’s just that light weight.  Which means that we can vacuum upstairs and downstairs in record time and hit the stairs with ease too (although I’m leaving that to J for now).
  • You can vacuum the furniture! After putting our living room back together, I vacuumed the furniture and, again, was blown away by the dirt and dog hair it picked up.  My sofa didn’t look dirty.  It was.
  • There’s always a new use for our Eureka.  The other day, I opened a drawer in the kitchen.  There were bread crumbs inside.  How did they get in there?  Doesn’t matter.  With Eureka’s attachments, I cleaned it out quickly and then cleaned a few other drawers while I was at it.  In less than 10 minutes I was done, the vacuum was put away, and I was back to work (blogging).

The Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet is easy to push around, easy to move around, and it works.  It truly works.  I didn’t think I’d rave about anything other than our Rainbow, but I have to admit that I like the ease of the Eureka – just plug it in and go.

I made a decision not to take on any sponsored posts and limit product reviews this year, but this opportunity came with the option to host a giveaway for TWO winners!  How can I deny my readers the opportunity to receive a new vacuum?  I can’t.

Puppies Love Toilet Paper

So here goes…in the comments below, share the biggest mess your dog has made.  A random winner (US Only) will be chosen on April 15th.


  1. I guess the biggest mess was made just this last week when Diesel dumped a big pot of dirt out of one of my big outside pots and then dragged the pot inside with some of the dirt still in it. There was dirt everywhere! I would love one of these vacuums!

  2. Knocking over the trash can!

  3. My dog, Biscuit, loves paper! One night I came home to several toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls torn up all over the living room. I had hidden the paper towels on a shelf in the bedroom but he found them anyway. He must have had fun with all the destruction I saw!!

    • We had a similar experience and that’s exactly what we thought – the puppies had a party!

  4. Emptying and then strewing the contents of waste baskets. But…he’s a black German Shepherd and we have off-white carpet so the BIGGEST mess is his normal shedding. Can you say “drifts of fur?”

  5. Zeke has always been highly skilled at creating messes. He earned the nickname “eviscerator” at 5 months old for his knack at toy stuffing removal. But the worst mess by far he has ever made was the time he knocked over our trash can and proceeded to find all the trash from the pizza and wings we’d had the night before and drag all those remains onto our cream colored carpet. Thankfully the little stinker didn’t get at any chicken bones but the mess he made was hellacious! Still not sure how I managed to get those bbq stains out of the carpet… but the stinker’s worth it. :)

  6. This is such a great giveaway! I have been dying for a new vacuum cleaner and really want to get one especially for pets! With our dogs over the years there have been some major messes! A few times they have tackled me while refilling their food bins and the bag went everywhere! That was a big mess, but they so thoughtfully helped me clean it up by eating it all! One of the biggest messes was when Lucy spilled half a bottle of white wine down the back of the couch and the cushions. A vacuum wouldn’t really have helped us then, but thank goodness it was WHITE wine!

  7. The biggest mess my dogs have made would be the time my first dog Phoenix and Greta (my breeder’s dog) where young dogs. We had to run out and we left them alone gated up in a section by the back door that is attached to the dog’s closet. (Don’t worry the space is quite large and very comfortable.) There is a shelving unit in the dog’s closet that holds a lot of the pet supplies for our dogs and other pets in the house. We had made sure that there wasn’t anything on the lower shelves for the two of them to get into nor was there any dog food/treats or anything dangerous. On the lowest used shelf we had our reptile supplies, nothing young dogs would find attractive. We must have been only gone for an hour or less only to come back to the most disgusting sight I’ve ever seen! There stood two teen aged dogs with the happiest expressions on their faces, the kind expression that says they had a great time playing up a storm. And boy did they! The two of them where covered from head to toe, along with the room, in smeared dog poop and dried flies (a reptile treat that must have been on the shelf). We were nauseous, in disbelief, and highly amazed at the whole situation. To this day we still can’t believe out of all the things they could have pulled off the shelf they chose the dried flies.

  8. Of our 3 English Shepherds (all 14 months old), Eli is the worst at tearing up things. He will chew up anything that’s not nailed down and even then he’s torn up several small strips of some wooden floor tiles. He can destroy anything paper within seconds. So far the biggest mess has been a box of papers he got into and shredded all over the living room. Great giveaway. We’re currently looking at carpet cleaners to overcome some of the puppy stains we still get. A vacuum cleaner would be a great help.

  9. My sissy spaniel sheds like crazy in the spring and early summer not to mention the fact that those fancy boots (feet hair) pick up everything outside and brings it into the carpet.
    Scooby Doo (chihuahua) is a shredder of toys and with kitten in the house, the toilet paper is not safe neither is the paper towels.
    Eureka save my ma from the messy furkids!!!!
    Ma says I am the cleanest kid she has. You should see the messes the teenager (sarah) can make. She is a crumb magnet.

  10. With 2 dogs and 2 cats, there’s ALWAYS lot of fur flying. I have bad pet allergies, so I have to vacuum frequently. Would live to win one of these,and give it a try! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. How cool! Biggest vaccumable mess would have to be when Mort was a puppy and tore apart some stuffed animals my mom got for him – stuffing everywhere! Biggest mess ever was when our first dog Mikey got sick while we were at work… got home to a pretty substantial mess that needed to be resolved with a steam cleaner!

  12. The biggest mess…hmmmm…probably when Terra decided to take the little whole in a couch footrest and make it huge. There was the inside material strewn all around the room and a gaping whole in the footrest. All three dogs love going outside and rolling in the grass and dirt and then bringing it inside with them-which is added to Terra’s incessant shedding! A new vacuum would be so nice to keep the hair and dirt at bay!

  13. My husband and I rescued a 5 month old golden retriever and 2 months later found ourselves fostering a 10 yr old golden retriever. Dancer,our foster came to us with heartworms. With Heartworm treatment you must keep the patient quite for 8-10 weeks. With a very energetic puppy, it was a huge challenge! The hardest part – both girls went into a fur”blow out” period with their coats. A blow out is shedding times 5. Lol. I felt like I was walking through tumble weeds on our tile floors. We had hair everywhere:furniture, counters and beds! I have a Royal vacuum that is all metal:heavy and very loud – which was a huge problem with Dancer; she was afraid of the vacuum. I also have 2 cats and just recently adopted my mom’s 2 cats. Mom had a massive stroke and had to go in a nursing home. I would love a new vacuum! Dancer is finished with her treatment, the cats are adjusting, Brie is calming down and my mom is doing well!

  14. Awesome! My cats are actually way naughtier than my dog. They’ve gotten into so much stuff – bags of flour, cereal, the garbage, potted plants. They are so naughty, they are now confined to one room when they are home alone.

    My dog Ace has gotten into the trash only once or twice, but he is still the messiest simply because he sheds so dang much! I guess it’s that short, Lab hair. It’s everywhere. All the time! I vacuum twice a week, and there’s still hair everywhere. I should vacuum every day, but I don’t.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize!

  15. EVERYDAY with two large Goldendoodles in my house requires a vacuum cleaner!!! With hardwood floors and light colored carpet I am always seeing dirt that they dragged in from outside, flying hair after a good shake, treat crumbs, food, Harley’s obsession with being a Doodle shredder using the papers in my office trash can or the insides of a pull toy that lost to Leo after a “tug of war.”

    I can’t seem to keep up with the mess! I vacuum EVERY morning, but sometimes I don’t feel as if it is getting all of the dirt. I walk around barefoot and hate, hate, hate to feel dirt on my feet. Winning the Eureka would be a blessing because I really need something that is up for the job and can make me truly feel clean. Your post really got me at “I was so excited…” Now I am too!

  16. Nice vacuum! Neeko and Bruce once spread the contents of the trash can throughout the entire first floor of my old house. At first I wanted to cry, but ended up laughing about it.

  17. When I was in college my dog (toy fox terrier I believe) had HUGE separation anxiety (I rescued him from the street all skin and bones and I’m guessing that had something to do with it). Anyway…. one day I kept him in my bedroom with the door closed and he not only scratched the door up like crazy, but completely tore up a couple square feet of carpet by the door….padding and all! It was terrible!

  18. The biggest mess Vlad & Barkly ever made together was when Vlad was about 4 mths old. He was still small enough that Barkly wanted in Vlad’s crate all of the time instead of his own, and Vlad whined if Barkly wasn’t with him. We went to town for only a couple of hours, but when we came back, it looked like a tornado had hit the crate. There was eggshell padding, in little pieces, everywhere–inside the crate and all around it! They’d only torn off a small end of the outer material, but they’d managed to get a TON of the inside out!

  19. Shortly after adopting him, one of my poodles ate 2 sticks of butter while my back was turned (I was getting ready to make Christmas cakes). Thankfully we didn’t have to take him to the vet because by the time I discovered they were gone, they were back up again all over the floor. He has since learned that counter top items are out of bounds, but he and his brother find many ways to make the floors and carpets dirty!

    • I can’t stop laughing at this one.

  20. Great review! Biggest, hardest to clean up, mess… knocking over a huge potted plant during rowdy play. Potting soil scattered willy nilly on an antique needlepoint rug and hardwood. The hardwood was fairly easy to clean up. The rug not so much!

  21. Our biggest mess is pretty much everyday. We have a really sucky back yard. It goes down hill and not much grass so to help with the mud we put down some hay. This has only made it more fun. Potty time,every day, every time, we have either mud, dirt or hay coming back in. We have 5 dogs and one of them is a very precious and very big Bernese Mountain Dog, with very big feet. I have tried so many vacuums and not been very happy with any of them. Too heavy or not enough suction. I have a Dyson, won’t get another one, too expensive and way too heavy for a 3 story house. I vacuum and/or mop pretty much everyday, at least the lower level where we track everything in. I can’t even tell you what the outdoor carpet looks like. That is supposed to be to catch everything BEFORE it gets inside. Hate to think what it would be like without that one. It gets vacuumed and pressure washed too. We are thinking about artificial turf but that stuff is very expensive….and our yard is pretty big.

  22. My daughter was in charge of a baby shower for one of her besties. As part of the decor, we prepared chocolate favors for everyone to enjoy.

    Each favor consisted of a small, clear plastic box with a few bits of colored shredded paper (the kind normally used for Easter baskets) and 8 Hershey Chocolate Nuggets hand-wrapped in pretty patterned paper. Each box was then tied with a piece of wide grosgrain ribbon and topped with a “thank you” tag.

    Well, since our oldest Lab Miko had a thing for chocolate (what girl doesn’t)…we kept the chocolate favors in our craft room, safely tucked behind locked doors. Or so we thought.

    You see, Miko can open doors…so all doors must be locked if you don’t want her to have access to the room. Somehow, the door to the room was shut, but not locked. After a day of shopping we returned home to find the craft room full of shredded color paper and empty plastic boxes! It seems Miko opened the door and she and other 3 Labs consumed almost 80 boxes of chocolate…patterned paper, tin foil wrap and all! Keep in mind each box contained 8 pieces of chocolate….so that’s almost 640 pieces of chocolate!

    Cleaning the craft room wasn’t the best part, tho’….the best part was how pretty our yard looked over the next few days. Did you know that dogs can’t digest paper or tinfoil? We had one of the most decorated yards in the neighborhood for the next few days as the chocolate made its way thru the dogs’ digestive system.

    True story. I can’t make this stuff up. :)

    • I laughed for the longest time.

      • I can laugh now…silly too-smart-for-her-own-good chocolate Lab with her love of all things chocolate…but I wasn’t laughing then when I had to worry about chocolate overload, not to mention I had to re-make 80 party favors. Oy! lol

  23. I have two dogs of my own and I usually always have a foster dog or two here as well. My boys are pretty good at behaving. They don’t chew or destroy. Knock on wood but my last foster brought out the bad boy in both of them. My baby is a great dane and the old man is a chihuahua. We were fostering an 18 month old dane at the time. We’ll when we leave on shirt trips to the store we would just throw all the beds in the kitchen and put up the baby gates. This one particular day we come home and my son comes running back to me and says “quivk! Something exploded in the kitchen” I was thankful that it wasn’t a stinky type of explosion but the dogs had shredded the beds into a billion pieces of fluff. It was everywhere. My dogs wouldn’t even look at me the but fluff hanging off everyone’s face was enough evidence for me! It was like in the movies when the washing machine bubbles over. Every inch of my kitchen was covered. I laugh about now. Thankfully it was a fairy easy clean up. For once!

  24. The biggest mess would have to be the futon. We came home – before we knew about crating – to see what looked like match sticks and cotton balls all over the living room. Looking around, we didn’t see any reason for this, and thought maybe we had left a firestarter stick nearby and Somerville had gotten that, or maybe a toy (acceptable chewing object) had been destroyed. Then we went upstairs. The first thing that got us concerned was the trail of match sticks, now getting larger. I went into my home office and gasped. The futon was sitting crooked, because a leg and half the arm were simply GONE! It looked like beavers had attacked. And a corner of the mattress was merrily shedding its cotton stuffing everywhere. I’m pretty sure it took over a year to get the last of the wood shards out of the carpet, and we were lucky there was no medical emergency from trying out life as a beaver. But cleaning up was a real experience for several days after, too!

  25. My Shih Tzus aren’t that big at making messes. For us it’s just usually a bunch of toys left around. But we have learned from our mistakes as we no longer leave any paper towel rolls around. For some reason, I think it might be genetic, Shih Tzus love, and I mean LOVE shredding paper towels to bits. And very tiny bits…. it’s been a while since I’ve come home to a house that looked liked it snowed… but it can be very funny because everyone is always excited about the decorating they did for me!!!

  26. The biggest mess that my dog has made was coming home from Target and seeing doggie poo FLUNG out of his pin everywhere. It was SUCH a horrible and nasty mess. I just cried…

  27. It involved lots of things chewed up and so much poo.

  28. Every day is a battle against dog fur and muddy paws!

  29. My dog has never made any horrible messes but she did once have the misfortune of experiencing the business end of a skunk. She then led me on a wild chase through the house and rolled around on my bed before I could catch her. Bleeh!

  30. I don’t see my comment so forgive if this is a duplicate. :)
    My dog has never made any horrible messes but she did once experience the business end of a skunk and rolled around on my bed before I could catch her.

    • I’m sorry, Angela – all comments go into moderation and I approve them when I get the email (and make sure that it’s not someone yelling at me – ha ha ha)

      • :)

  31. Oh, our biggest mess was last spring, when the puppies were about 6 months old. We had to go and pick up a few things, and left them in the kitchen gated. Well…they got the gate knocked down and went into the living room….ate the sofa cushion and had stuffing all over the house! And..on top of it…had an accident and stepped in it and tracked the poop all over the house too. :( Oh…was a mess! After that…we were MUCH more careful leaving the house! They are two years and 80 pounds each now….and much better…but given the chance to chew the other cushion…I know they would :)

  32. I got lucky with Shiloh- other than lots of shedding, he’s not a real big mess-maker. But we just got a puppy who is a *real* ball of energy and I’m expecting a very different story as he grows up!

  33. My Siberian husky, Leo, and I recently moved to a new apartment. He has separation anxiety and moving just made it worse. I had to leave the apartment a couple days after I moved in and I heard his cries (more like howls) as I was leaving so I can’t say that I was too surprised to come home to a mess but I had to leave! I have always kept him in my bedroom and I didn’t even need to open the door to see the start of the mess. He had scratched away not only the carpet but the padding underneath it so the concrete was showing and about 3 by 2 feet of it. He also had chewed up part of the blinds, I’m assuming so he could see outside. Lastly he ripped up the sheets on the bed and I’m not sure if that’s before or after he peed on them.

  34. The biggest mess I’ve had to clean up was from one of our foster dogs. On his first day with us, we ran out of the house for about a half hour and when we got back our couch was destroyed. The couch was full of holes and stuffing was everywhere! It was such a huge mess and we had to take the couch to the dump and buy a new one :( We did end up adopting this guy and I am happy to say nothing like that ever happened again.

  35. We have 2 dogs and 5 cats that are all rescues. Every day is a messy day with 7 furry children running around. Currently they are all shedding their winter coats all over the floors and furniture. The current vacuum cleaner we have is a POS that works only half the time. Right now is is busted . I do the best I can with a broom and the pet hair is winning the battle. There are no extea funds at the present time to get a new vacuum cleaner. We are both disabled and income is limited to the necessities. It would be a Godsend to win this awesome giveaway.

  36. I came home from the store one day and put a large 48 pack of toilet paper in the middle of the dining room table. I had more running to do but thought the TP was up high enough up that it would be OK. We had a new lab rescue and apparenty it wasn’t up high enough for him.
    Do you realize what a mess 48 rolls of toilet paper can make? Either did I till that day. What a scene! It looked like I had a couple of inches of snow all through the house.

  37. The biggest mess my dog ever made was shredding up the Christmas tree decorations whilst we were at church last year! Its was total chaos and made worse by the fact they somehow managed to push the bolt over on the front door.

  38. Our black lab was a rescue with anxiety problems.. I would say the biggest mess she made was a toss up between her eating the cushions in our couch or a wall.

  39. My dog has a bucket of toys. Last week she pulled all of the toys out. Then she pulled them all apart. That’s right, she pulled the stuffing out of plush toys and chewed the plastic ones into pieces to make them all not squeak any more. It was a mess!

  40. The biggest mess our dog made was when we left to go out, and our dog shredded my sofa pillow because he was upset we left. Stuffing everywhere. Luckily, he does not like eating material, he just gets frustrated and wants to shred fabric things.

  41. The Biggest mess that my 4 month old Full Bred Black Labrador Retriever did was- I was naive about puppies and let him alone in my house for a couple of hours. You are not going to believe what he did!! He tore my big Bible to shreds!!! There was pages of the Bible strewn all over the house! He even ate some of the Bible pages because he spit them up all over the house! I had to go through the whole house cleaning up the mess!

  42. The biggest mess was couch cushion pieces everwhere! What a mess!!

  43. The biggest mess my dogs have made was when I was at work and they decided to tip over a large pot and drag dirt and plant parts all over the house.

  44. The biggest mess my dog made was wripping apart every rug in the house, then going upstairs down the hallway to our bedroom door (which was closed) and continued to wrip up the entire carpet outside our bedroom door… ugh

  45. We are getting our dog in a few months (but I’m sure it’s going to be adorable and messy and sheddy everywhere :), but when we first got our cats, the smarter one tore up a big section of the carpet trying to get into our bedroom at night.

  46. My dog shredded the couch and love seat. It was a huge mess and expensive too.

  47. The biggest mess my dogs made was a long time ago in our old home (we have a black lab and pit bull) We went away to work came home and they had somehow opened the door, got into the trash cans and dragged it all over the upstairs and downstairs. Our 2 kids had their mattresses chewed on and torn open. I had never seen such a mess. It took the rest of the day to clean it up.

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