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I received a Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet for free (to keep) in exchange for my honest review…

Eureka AirSpeed EXACT PET, #EurekaPower

I was so excited when we were tearing out the carpet in our living and dining room.  I’m convinced that carpet never gets truly cleaned, even when you bring someone in.

  • we have pets
  • we’ve gone through puppyhood several times
  • we have cats
  • we’re all tracking sand and dirt in the house daily

So when the carpet was coming up, it took a lot of self control not to run into the bonus room and rip up that carpet (plus the room was filled with the living and dining room furniture).  And then there’s the stairs and upstairs hallway – why do we need carpet?

The carpet upstairs will remain.  The area rugs on the newly tiled floors aren’t going anywhere.  So we’ll continue to vacuum.

We’ve been using a Rainbow, which is great except for when you’re in a hurry or need to lug it upstairs.  So when I received the opportunity to try out the new Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet, I thought “why not?”

I was given a list of messages to deliver, but I think I’m going to go off the rails and share my own thoughts – my real thoughts – about this vacuum cleaner.

  • It’s easy to put together.  I thought it would be a nightmare, because (1) I don’t read instructions thoroughly and (2) I’m too stubborn to ask for help.  Plus Scout ate the directions and user manual…

  • It cleans very quickly and thoroughly.  When I got my first fancy vacuum cleaner (a gift from J and already put together) I vacuumed for hours astounded by how dirty my floors were.  When I tried out the Eureka for the first time, I was blown away at how much it picked up in a couple of back and forths.

  • It can handle pet hair like a champ.  I tried it out upstairs first, the cats’ domain.  I was blown away by how much pet hair we had up there and we’d just vacuumed the area.  I went over it a second time after emptying the container, and picked up more.
  • The house smells great.  It’s astounding how much dirt and odor our carpets hold.  After vacuuming the upstairs, it smelled as if I’d opened all the windows.  Now I vacuum weekly, something easy to do, because…
  • The Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet is super light weight.  Even with my recent auto injury, I can pick up and move the Eureka to a new room with ease.  It’s just that light weight.  Which means that we can vacuum upstairs and downstairs in record time and hit the stairs with ease too (although I’m leaving that to J for now).
  • You can vacuum the furniture! After putting our living room back together, I vacuumed the furniture and, again, was blown away by the dirt and dog hair it picked up.  My sofa didn’t look dirty.  It was.
  • There’s always a new use for our Eureka.  The other day, I opened a drawer in the kitchen.  There were bread crumbs inside.  How did they get in there?  Doesn’t matter.  With Eureka’s attachments, I cleaned it out quickly and then cleaned a few other drawers while I was at it.  In less than 10 minutes I was done, the vacuum was put away, and I was back to work (blogging).

The Eureka AirSpeed EXACT Pet is easy to push around, easy to move around, and it works.  It truly works.  I didn’t think I’d rave about anything other than our Rainbow, but I have to admit that I like the ease of the Eureka – just plug it in and go.

I made a decision not to take on any sponsored posts and limit product reviews this year, but this opportunity came with the option to host a giveaway for TWO winners!  How can I deny my readers the opportunity to receive a new vacuum?  I can’t.

Puppies Love Toilet Paper

So here goes…in the comments below, share the biggest mess your dog has made.  A random winner (US Only) will be chosen on April 15th.

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