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Fast Food Diet for Dogs | Last Day of Freshpet Fridge Free Challenge

Update: In April 2013, we transitioned our dogs to a raw food diet. and as a result of this change, we no longer purchase FreshPet products for our dogs.

I am blogging on behalf of Freshpet and I received compensation for my time for sharing my experience and views on the Freshpet Fridge Free Challenge; all my views are my own. 

Yummmm! Not the healthiest meal, but I’ll take a couple bites.  Just not 2x a day, every day.

Over on Keep the Tail Wagging, I’ve been writing about the Freshpet Fridge Free challenge that I’m participating in.  Thankfully, today is the last day and I can go back to eating fresh food.  The one thing that I took from this challenge is that with kibble, our dogs are eating a fast food diet.  Remember the movie Super Size Me?  That movie stuck with me and although the fast food restaurant featured claims that it was a coincidence that they removed their super size menu options after that documentary was released; I think we can all agree that this movie had an impact.

I love junk food, but a steady diet of it makes me tired, bloated, uncomfortable and unsatisfied.  Is this how our dogs feel when they eat a regular kibble diet?  It’s astounding what a different removing fresh food from our diet makes.

We fed our dogs Freshpet for a short time while I was researching the best way to switch our dogs over to a kibble diet.  This isn’t considered raw dog food; it’s an option for people not ready for raw, but who don’t have the time for home cooked.  Our dogs love it and I pick it up, along with the cookies, for the dogs as a treat.

Although raw dog food seems out of reach financially for many dog owners, it’s important to remember the cost.  Kibble cost significantly less than the raw dog food delivered to our home, but we no longer have vet visits for ear infections, skin rashes, allergy issues, flea and tick treatment, and joint pain.  Our littermates still have arthritis, but they bounce back faster.  All other health issues that were becoming common with them have cleared up and we’re saving hundreds each year.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Freshpet Fridge Free Challenge and participating in a mini-challenge yourself, please visit their site and check it out!


  1. I try to feed my family the best food possible, but our dog is still eating kibble. I buy Taste of the Wild which seems to be high quality, but I still feel badly about feeding it to Chompyface. We’re on a tight budget right now and the idea of feeding him fresh food just seems like it would be expensive and complicated. He is a rescue and spent a year bouncing back and forth between different shelters before we adopted him. I just keep telling myself that he’s getting better food here than he did in the shelters, but I really want to do better. I’ll have to figure this whole food situation out eventually.

    • And I love that you’re interested in doing better. Taste of the Wild is a very good kibble. There are so many foods out there that when you look at the reviews and the ingredients, it makes you cringe.

      I think ideally, we would all cook for our dogs, but not all of us (myself included) have the time or the money.

      If it weren’t for my blogging, I wouldn’t be able to afford a raw diet.

      Great choice in the food for your dog :)


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