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For Keep the Tail Wagging, I’m always being introduced to new and cool dog products and I’ve been trying to find a way to introduce these products to you and I decided that a weekly or bi-monthly feature would be awesome.  Some of the below dog products were sent to me as a gift and others I purchased to try out and LOVED them.  I am using affiliate links, because the money I make from them help me keep my site going.

Sleeping With The Beast, Dale Ryan

I received this book in January and it was a pleasure to read and inspired my idea to write a dog book of my own.  What I love about Sleeping With the Beast is that it has the feel of a very nice photo book.  We’ve had this on our coffee table since it arrived and it’s a nice addition to our dog home.  Dale Ryan created a book that invites us into his home of humans and five dogs (FIVE) and shares what it’s like to live in a multi-dog household and reminds us that dogs aren’t just cool accessories, but living, feeling, and intelligent creatures who deserve our respect and love.

I’m just happy to finally have a book in our home that celebrates dogs.  Too often I receive books that are written by dog lovers, but leave me feeling sad.  This one is a book I love to pick up and flip through, because I can relate and I just love it.  I’m thankful that I was chosen as a person to receive this cool gift.  Sleeping With the Beast is also available for the Kindle: Sleeping With The Beast, Kindle Edition

Troff Dog Hydration Non-Spill Pouch

Another great gift from someone I connected with on LinkedIn.  With three herding breed mixes in our home, getting them out and exercised is a priority for us.  One issue that we’ve been addressed with is keeping our dogs hydrated.  When we go to the beach, the dogs will drink the salt water if we don’t have water handy for them.  Going on hikes or walking trails leaves us without access to water, because there aren’t handy water fountains stationed at each mile marker.  Carrying water bottles is an option, but they’re heavy and we waste a lot of water if they drink from the bottle or we have to remember to carry a bowl for them too.

That’s where the Troff reusable hydration pouch comes in; this is a fantastic invention.  I’ll admit that when I first heard about it, I thought that it wasn’t that big of a deal, but when we received it we got excited and now we’re looking forward to our next hike with the dogs.  The pouches are reusable, they can be frozen the night before a hike (or hot day), they’re compact and easy to store, and their green for those of us who environmental conscious.  What I love about them is that they’re no spill.  When we use water bottles, half the water ends up on the ground, not with these.

You can learn more on TroffPouch.com.

PlaqClnz Daily Treatment Gel, a 1 Step Oral Cleansing without Brushing

When I saw the plaque on our cats’ teeth, I wanted to try something before scheduling them for a teeth cleaning.  I purchased PlaqClnz on Amazon.  This taste-free gel is going to help me keep our pets’ teeth clean.  The bottle says that it’s taste-free, I don’t know how true that it is.  The cats weren’t so happy with me wiping this on their gums, but I’m happy to give it a shot, because I do know that dental care is important for both dogs and cats.

A few days after using the gel on our cats teeth and feeding them Feline Greenies Dental Treats, I was shocked to see that the plaque (it was crazy heavy) was chipping away from their teeth.  Wow! This stuff works!

And an interesting product that we received for review (as a gift) on our blog is the Yaff  Bar, a bar that we can share with our dogs.  When our dogs heard the crinkling of a package being opened, they came running into the kitchen and obediently sat down for their treat.  There was a lot of sniffing.  Rodrigo took his piece to another room; he likes to check out new things in private.   He did return for another try.  Blue tried it, but wasn’t sure; but he tried another taste too.  Sydney loved it.

Just like some health bars I’ve tried, it’s sticky and Rodrigo and Blue weren’t prepared for the texture; Sydney is a little more adventuresome.   I’d take them on a hike or long walk along with the Troff pouch – a light weight snack to keep our dogs energized when we’re away from home.

What I like most are the ingredients – very natural, no refined sugar, and each bar is under 300 calories, which is perfect because we split the bar between our three dogs.


If you’ve discovered a cool product for your dog, please tell me about it.  I’m always looking for something cool to check out.

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