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This was a different post when I started writing it, but then I realized that I need to stop holding back.  I’m not a fan of MLM companies simply because the reps tend to be aggressive – I get long emails, self promoting comments on my blog, and promotional posts on my fan page.  It’s very frustrating, but I get that they’re just trying to build a business too.

I just wish they would take the time to get to know me first instead of immediately jumping to either promoting their business or trying to get me to sign up with them…but I digress.

Although the series of emails felt pushy to me (I’m sure it was me), it did make me think of the upcoming warmer days and the reports that we’re going to be up to our eye balls in fleas and ticks this year.  Yuck!  I realized that all of us are going to be thinking about how getting rid of fleas soon.

Bright Eyes Pet Wellness

Last year we started using Bright Eyes Pet Wellness, a natural flea and tick treatment spray for dogs and cats, and we didn’t have one flea or tick all year long.  It even protects against mosquitoes so I was spraying it on my arms before heading outdoors.

It’s super strong, the dogs hate it, you have to spray it every day (or every other day), but it works.  But, it hasn’t really been tested by our family on a heavy flea year.

  • What if our super cold winter killed most of the fleas and ticks?
  • What if our so so summer made the fleas and ticks move to a warmer climate?
  • What if we just got lucky?

At BlogPaws, I had an opportunity to meet with a few cool ladies who represent Hartz.  Yep, the company that the internet has effectively villainized along with Beneful and Dogswell with loads of customer complaints.  Yikes!  I’m not ready to run to WalMart and buy a bunch of Hartz products to protect our dogs, but the luncheon did make me wonder if these natural flea and tick treatments are really safe.

The next time you pick up something that’s all natural, Google a few of the ingredients; you’ll be amazed at what is toxic in high volumes and since these treatments require daily use, the levels will increase over the summer months.

Bright Eyes Pet Wellness ingredients

I did Google the ingredients in Bright Eyes Pet Wellness and I’m happy to continue using them on our dogs.  Not only are they safe, the levels in the product are safe enough to use daily.  I trust that the creator is selling a quality product.

Bright Eyes Pet Wellness Ingredients, Fleas and Ticks, Holistic Flea and Tick Treatment, Natural Flea and Tick Treatment

Directions: Shake well before use. Use as often as is needed for prevention of fleas & ticks. Consult with your veterinarian if your pet is pregnant, nursing, aged or debilitated. Store in a cool, dry place. Recommended for dogs and cats 8 weeks and older.

Bright Eyes Pet Wellness seems safe for our dogs, but what if it’s not enough?

Like I said, last year, this was the product to get. $35 (with shipping) and three dogs are covered all season.  So why not stick with it?  Because, we haven’t tested this product in a heavy flea season and I’m not ready to test it on my family.  Fleas suck!  I still remember my last infestation and that was over 10 years ago.

Febreeze Tip, Flea and Ticks

Pet Protector

And then there’s this product called Pet Protector.    I have not tried this one for two reasons – our dogs don’t wear dog collars and direct marketing companies make me run for the hills, screaming at the top of my lungs “NOOOO MOOORREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I did a little research and learned that Pet Protector is said to be a legitimate direct marketing company.  I don’t know anyone who has tried it, but it’s another option for dog lovers that is called safer than the spot treatments.

If You Use Spot Treatments

If you find yourself looking at the spot flea and tick treatments again, no judgment.  I’m doing the same.  But I’m telling you that there is an answer.  There are many holistic flea and tick treatments on the market – the trick is if they work or not.  I searched Amazon and found one that had great reviews.

Another thing that I found is that if we feel that we need to use a topical flea and tick treatment, I’m going to use…

  • PetArmor for Dogs (Large 45-88lbs), because our dogs haven’t had a reaction to this in the past.
  • Along with Milk Thistle, which will help their liver process the poisons I’m adding to their body (jeez) and escort them out of their system with minimal long term effects.

Here’s more about detoxifying our dogs from Dr. Becker

“Since your pet’s liver will be tasked with processing the chemicals that make it into the bloodstream, it can be very beneficial to give your dog or cat a supplement to help detoxify her liver. I recommend milk thistle, which is a detox agent and also helps to actually regenerate liver cells.

Milk Thistle, liver detoxifier, detox dogs after flea treatment

You can get Milk Thistle for Dogs through your holistic vet, who should also guide you on how much to give your pet depending on age, weight and other prescribed medications. I recommend one dose daily for seven days following any flea, tick or heartworm application.

I also recommend chlorella for dogs, a super green food that is a very powerful detox agent. Your holistic vet should also advise you about how much chlorella to give your pet.

If you use both these cleansing products throughout the summer, you can help protect your pet’s liver from the toxic effects of chemical pest preventives.”

I linked to both of these supplements on Amazon.com where I ordered a supply for our dogs.  I know that topical flea treatments aren’t a popular choice and I swore them off a year ago.  Once again, I’ve learned never to say never and I’m thanking my Lucky Stars that we do have an option that won’t cause a reaction in our dogs.  I’ll continue to use Bright Eyes Pet Wellness as a back up, but it won’t be our only defense this year.

If you’re new to spot treatments, do you homework.  Try one (like Pet Armor) that has a good reputation, and watch your dogs for a reaction so that you can act immediately.

I hate fleas!  We all do.  But our dogs hate them more.

So what are you doing to keep your dogs flea and tick clear this year?  What products do you use?

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