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Best Dog Food and Supplements for Dogs with Itchy Skin


When Sydney and Rodrigo were puppies, they itched a lot after being outside.  We were told that this could be due to the growing mushrooms in the yard.  We added ground flax seed to their diet and the itching stopped.  Now, 2 years later, they have itchy paws during hay fever season (Spring and Summer) and our veterinarian approved Benedryl.

Today, we’ve found a few more successful ways to treat our dogs’ itchy skin and paws.

Food/Supplements for Dogs with Itchy Skin

Switch to raw feeding or to a grain free kibble.

Many reasons dogs have itchy skin is due to the food they’re eating and we’ve learned over the years that many dogs have allergies to the grains in our dog food.

Dog food I recommend are…

If you think it’s a protein allergy, identify the protein.  Many people (myself included) believe that their dog has a chicken allergy, but did you know that many chicken kibbles contain other proteins and ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction?  Yeah, me neither. We had to switch from Life’s Abundance (a brand that only has a chicken formula) to Halo Pets (a brand with chicken, salmon, seafood, and lamb) to get the variety we needed and it helped.

Add Olewo Red Beets to your dog’s diet.

Olewo carrots were recommended to me by a friend when Rodrigo and Scout developed diarrhea (chicken/beef allergies).  When I checked out the brand, I saw that they offer red beets as well.

“My Beagle Bentley suffered terribly from severe skin allergies. He had itchy red skin and bald spots from chewing his hair out. His vet determined the allergies were environmental and not diet related and prescribed steroids to relieve Bentley’s extreme discomfort. He received steroid injections every 4 to 5 weeks for about a year and a half. Then a friend told me about Olewo supplements and I started adding the red beets and carrots to Bentley’s meals. After 2 weeks, he was less itchy, and within a month, all of his symptoms were gone! Olewo has worked miracles with Bentley, and I wish I had known about it before he received the steroids. – Jessica Anderson – Bradenton, FL”   ~ Source: OlewoUSA.com

Olewo red beets is a natural way to resolve dog skin allergies, itchiness, inflammation, slow metabolism, and weight issues.  We add a spoonful to our dogs food daily.  You can add this to a raw or kibble diet.

Add Omega 3s to your dog’s diet.

We alternate between Grizzly Salmon Oil, Grizzly Pollock Oil and Megga Dog Camelina Oil.  These oils have many health benefits, including improving the condition of your dog’s skin and coat.  Extra virgin coconut oil has become a yummy staple for our dogs too and it’s also great for increasing metabolism and more (see below).

Here are links to buy these oils:

Don’t leave your vet in the dark.  Our dogs itchy skin rarely resulted in welts or bleeding, because we were able to resolve the issue right away.  Not every dog owner is this fortunate, so if your dog’s itchy skin is causing misery, please contact your vet for more recommendations.

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