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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Flea Killer We Can Eat

the many benefits of diatomaceous earth

pronunciation lesson: diatomaceous – dia-to-may-shush

I received a couple jars of diatomaceous earth (food grade) from Brother’s Complete to try.  I planned on dusting our dogs, because it’s a natural and effective flea killer and repellent, but I had just treated our dogs with a flea treatment from Only Natural Pet.

My contact at Brother’s Complete got on a back and forth about raw (you know me) and during our awesome chat, she told me that she takes diatomaceous earth, a spoonful in her tea or in a glass of water or juice.  I didn’t know that humans can take it too.

I looked it up.  Yep!

Diatomaceous Earth is a great detox for humans and leads to…

  • Natural weight loss
  • Strengthens hair, skin, nails and teeth
  • Colon cleanse
  • Joint health and tissue regeneration
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Reduces and removes age spots
  • And on and on and on

How much diatomaceous earth do I take?

I’ve read that some people mix a spoonful in their drink (coffee, tea, juice, etc) daily.  Some people treat it as a natural detox and take it for 7 to 30 days.  How long the detox takes depends on the person.  There doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules on this that agree – surprise surprise – beyond that diatomaceous earth has amazing health benefits when ingested by humans and animals.

I’ve been mixing a spoonful in my morning tea daily and I do feel more relaxed, happier, lighter and more energized.  I have lost weight (I also reduced my daily caloric intake and increased my exercise).

How does it taste?

There really is no taste, just a texture.  Like dust on your tongue.  Have you ever be caught in a breeze of blowing dirt and some got in your mouth?  That’s it.  It doesn’t dissolve in liquid like sugar, so you have to keep stirring it or it’ll settle at the bottom.

What are the side effects?

Nothing that I found online or when speaking to people who take it.  One thing I experienced was the feeling that I was coming down with a cold.  I never quite got there, but I would feel light flu or cold symptoms for a couple hours and then they’d go away.  This happened for 2 days.  It’s part of the detox and I’ve experienced this in the past with other detox programs.

Back to the flea killer…

When it comes to fleas, from what I read, the dry (and it has to remain dry) diatomaceous earth sticks to the flea’s endoskeleton and dries them out.  You can dust your dogs with them, dust their bedding, or dust the yard.  Keep in mind that morning dew renders it ineffective, because it has to stay dry – so I doubt that we’ll be doing this unless we hit a dry spell here in the Pacific Northwest.

A holistic vet whom I respect uses diatomaceous earth in the yard, but not on her dogs, because she shared that minimal vaccinations and a raw food diet makes dogs less appealing to fleas.  Fingers crossed!  More for ME!!!

Flea, the blogger for Jones Natural Chews, sent me a hilarious blog post about one dog owner’s experience with diatomaceous earth, check it out:  There Ain’t Nothing Going to Survive the FleaPocalypse

Use with our dogs…

After having tried it for a couple weeks with no ill side effects, I’m going to do the following:

  • Each dog will get a sprinkle in their food; I think a spoonful is too much for them, so they’ll share a spoonful
  • I will dust each dog after they dry from a bath (I want to at least try it once)
  • I will dust their bedding
  • I will dust the shaded areas they love on dry days

A warning thanks to Vlad & Barkley’s Dee – if you have honey bees that frequent your property, don’t sprinkle this product in your yard.  We don’t want to bring harm to honey bees, because they’re endangered.


I’m pretty excited about this option and looking forward to seeing how well it work’s for our family.  Have you tried diatomaceous earth?


  1. Kimberly – I was going to ask (before I finished reading) about the dogs ingesting it. Because I bathe the Boys often, sprinkling it on them would really not be an effective means of prevention. I do like the fact that it also works as a detox, so I must look at their website… Thanks

    • Ingesting Diatomaceous Earth won’t result in an effective flea repellent, but it does act as a detox. I think a better detox would be milk thistle (upcoming blog post).

  2. Keep us posted with your experience using diatomaceous earth! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  3. Very interesting, might have to check it out. I wonder if I can buy it locally, hmmmmm, will work on that. That article on Fleapocalypse was hysterical.

  4. Wait, so you’ve taken to eating dirt…you are a dedicated furmom.

  5. Ha! I’ve been wanting to try this…for myself really. I like the results you’ve seen using it for yourself. I wonder if it would work to put it in capsules. That way I could get past the taste. I’ll have to do some personal research and just try it. Lol.

    Does that link go to the brand you’re using??
    One reason I haven’t tried it is not knowing which brand to try. I like the 10 pounder. It will last a long time and if we are infested with fleas this year, it will at least work on the kitty’s spots, like the window perch and stuff.

    I’m not sure that I would put it on him though. I wonder how it would be for an ant repellant too. We get ants once the weather gets warm.

    • It works great. I have 2 links, one to Amazon and one to Brother’s Complete. I’ve been using the Brother’s complete for myself. I put the Amazon link for people who might want more for a good price for this upcoming summer.

      Not sure if it comes in a capsule form. The taste isn’t bad. I wouldn’t personally mix it in water, but in tea I barely notice it.

      • Ok Thanks. I’ll check out the Brother’s Complete too and compare.
        I just want to be careful and make sure I get the food grade. I think there’s also DE that isn’t food grade (?)

        And no it probably doesn’t come in capsules. It would be kinda funny to see that though. But I have empty capsules and a machine to fill them here, so I could make them into capsules. :)

        And I actually meant to say “texture” not taste. I could probably tolerate it in a smoothie as well, but capsules are quick to take obviously and can be taken on the go.

        • Yeah, you’re right. There is the D-Earth that goes in the garden and I don’t know if it’s always food grade although I plan to sprinkle it in our dogs’ yard this summer.

          So cool that you can make capsules. That’s pretty handy. And you’re right, the texture is different. It’s super fine and powdery, but it doesn’t dissolve and can coat your tongue like dust. It takes some getting used to. I didn’t find it bad, but different, so I can imagine that it’s not for everyone.

  6. This stuff works so great but I had no idea it had other uses than killing our fleas!

    • Oh yeah D-Earth is pretty astounding.

  7. Just a question before you dust your yard with it. Do you have a lot of indigenous honey bees around you? If you do, you might not want to dust your yard. DE will kill honey bees just like any other insect that comes in contact with it–except most other pests that we want to kill aren’t considered endangered like honey bees. Also beware of breathing the dust in or getting it in your eyes.

    Though I’ve never found any “professional” that could tell me for sure, some say that consuming DE will kill internal parasites. I can’t figure out how that would be though since it would be “wet” once consumed, but I know some farmers feed a mix of DE and bentonite clay to their farm animals as a dewormer. They sell it in giant 20 lb bags at Tractor Supply, and it lists a lot of animals on that bag.

    • Thanks for letting me know! I asked J and we do have honey bees on our property. Great warning. I’ll add it to the post.

  8. I’ve heard about it, but we feed raw and minimal vaccines so I haven’t tried it with our dogs. I did not know about it for humans though, although I did know that they made human grade, I guess I just never put two and two together….LOL

    • It’s crazy that the solution to fleas can be raw and minimal vaccines. It’s always been right beneath my nose.


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