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Freshpet Challenged Me to Eat Fresh and Go Fridge Free #FridgeChallenge

Update: In April 2013, we transitioned our dogs to a raw food diet. and as a result of this change, we no longer purchase FreshPet products for our dogs.

I am blogging on behalf of Freshpet and I received compensation for my time for sharing my experience and views on the Freshpet Fridge Free Challenge; all my views are my own.

Freshpet Fridge Challenge

Freshpet reached out to me and asked if I could go Fridge Free for a week – my first thought was “of course not, are you insane?”  But since we were communicating  via email, I had time to rethink that and figured, “why not?”  Going Fridge Free means…

  • I don’t have to cook for a week.  Not that I do a lot of cooking, but if I did, I could take a much deserved break.
  • I get to dine out for a week.  Granted, I have to watch the calorie intake, but I’m still going to have a blast.
  • I get to practice creativity at Costco and the grocery store.  What can I buy that can live in the pantry for a week?

Freshpet Fridge Challenge, Freshpet Select

What’s the point of the Freshpet Fridge Challenge?

“The Freshpet Fridge Challenge asks pet parents to consider life without the refrigerator, ultimately raising awareness about the importance of feeding our pets fresh food too.”  Most of us have been feeding our dogs food from the pantry (kibble and canned) and not from the fridge (raw, homecooked, or a refrigerated alternative like Freshpet).  What would happen if we cut out the kibble and canned and fed our dogs something else?

What do I expect to learn from the Fridge Challenge?

  • It’s going to be tough watching what I eat; restaurants aren’t great at sharing the nutritional content of their menu items.
  • I may end up eating the same thing several times over the week; booorrriiinnngggg!
  • I’ll have to make a point to stay away from anything too easy (i.e. fast food), because it’ll just make me sluggish and cranky.
  • I’m going to have to step up my workouts to make sure I don’t pack on the pounds.

Since switching our dogs from dry food to a raw diet, we’ve seen such an amazing improvement.  It’ll be fun tying this challenge into that change.

How you can get involved (the below is from Freshpet)

Pet parents are invited to enter the Freshpet Fridge Challenge by visiting their Challenge Page. To enter, simply share “Why you couldn’t live without the refrigerator” in 50 words or less, along with a photo of your pet in front of your fridge. The contest begins September 9th and runs until October 21st. Winners will be chosen at random to receive the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize: One winner will receive a Freshpet refrigerator, year supply of Freshpet food
  • Two winners will receive a $500 gift card towards their favorite fresh food store
  • Five winners will receive a $100 gift card towards their favorite fresh food store

Freshpet Fridge Challenge

What tips do you have for me?  How would you suggest I make it through the week?


  1. Welcome to the challenge, Kimberly! I’m on day 5 of the same challenge. So much carbs and salt in shelf-stable food – even the healthier options! We only ate out one night (so far!), but have been relying on the pantry. I like your idea of eating out every night much better! :)

    • Great point about the salt intake. I was looking at canned soup and was blown away. I knew this already, but it was still an eye opener.

  2. Is getting something that’s in the dairy-case at the store, and then using it before it ruins against the rules? With a box of powdered milk, you can still bake some things. You can have omelets one night; eggs the next morning; and bake something with a dozen eggs before they have a chance to ruin.

    Eggs are in this list and there are 6 others:

    • In my world, it’s my fridge that I have to leave alone. But I’m not buying anything that needs to be refrigerated, because I don’t want to waste any food – my boyfriend and I don’t always eat the same things so I can’t count on him to help me. But thanks for the tips. I had no idea about eggs. I don’t drink milk so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about :)

  3. LOL Kimberly,

    Looks like a real challenger and a little strange challenge. I always stuff everything, leftovers, snacks, e.t.c in the fridge severals times in a day. I could never make it.

    • Very strange challenge; looking forward to it being O V E R :)

  4. Wow, what an interesting idea! I would have a really, really hard time. I think I’m too much of a wimp to try the challenge. But of course, it would be really eye-opening. I eat too much processed, boxed food as it is!

    What a great idea to help us think about all the processed, dry and canned food we feed our pets. Fresh is definitely the way to go as long as its within the pet owner’s budget. I would recommend even starting with just one fresh meal per week for the pets if possible.


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