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I received treats free of charge in exchange for an honest product review.

With the chicken jerky scare, I’ve really started paying attention to ingredients and where they are sourced from; I’ve noticed that many healthy dog treats will say that they’re distributed from a state in the United States, but where are the ingredients sourced from?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed many dog treats being branded with the US Flag and a Made in the USA emblem (great for those of us in the USA) – I know that this wasn’t common 6 months ago, because I was looking.  Well, the healthy dog treats that I’m sharing today are all Made in the USA and have a few things that our babies love – they smell yummy!

Dynamo Dog Treats, Dog Treats Made in the USA

It’s important to remember the treats that aren’t sourced in China; follow CloudStar on FACEBOOK & TWITTER

I thought I had never heard of Dynamo Dogs by Cloud Star until they reached out to me for a review.  But then I remembered that we picked up some Buddy Biscuits Dog Treats for the dogs – they love them.  They’re a family owned company that started in 1999 with the goal of providing us with healthy treats.

Cloud Star was very generous; they sent me enough treats to make the local rescue group I support happy.  I’m donating them to foster families in an attempt to help make a dog’s transition to their forever home go more smoothly.

Cloud Star healthy dog treats are Made in the USA and are functional treats (I call them Combo Treats), meaning that they’re great for training, treats, and they offer support for joints, skin & coat, and the tummy.  The treats are soft and the dogs love them, making it difficult to honor the feeding instructions listed on the package.

Dynamo Dog Treats, Cloud Star

The Dynamo Dog Treats don’t contain wheat, soy, or corn.  Cloud Star left out the artificial colors, flavors, and byproducts.  Thank you!  But what I love most about these treats is that the Hip & Joint treats list out the amount of glucosamine (in milligrams) on the package.  Our dogs require 3,000 per day (per our veterinarian) so we’d have to feed them each over 6 treats per day (the feeding instructions say 2 per day).

I appreciate this so much, because when we were first researching joint pain, we thought that treats and food with glucosamine in the ingredients was all we needed.

Our dogs were able to try a few of their flavors and all of them were a hit.  The Salmon and Chicken treats include the meat as the first ingredient.

Cloud Star - My Note to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

I’m pretty excited about giving the treats to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue – our dogs went nuts for them so I know that other dogs will love them too.  And if you’re wondering about where Cloud Star sources their ingredients, you can breathe easier knowing that none of their ingredients come from China!

“Hi Kimberly, thats a great question, we are glad you asked! We make it a point to source as many ingredients from America as possible. A great example is our plant-based glucosamine HCL, which …we searched high and low to find in America. But there are a few that we just can’t find, such as Salmon Oil, which comes from Norway, and Green Lipped Mussel from New Zealand. We are very confident in saying that NONE of our ingredients are sourced from China. If you have any other questions please let us know!” ~ Cloud Star

Another treat that joined our family came from Dogswell…

Dogswell Vitality Jerky Bars, Dog Treats, Healthy Dog Treats, Dog Treats Made in the USA

I had actually written off Dogswell treats, because I mostly saw that they had chicken jerky treats and I stopped buying them from everyone.  I was happily surprised when I opened the package to find Dogswell Vitality Jerky Bars.  These are what I call Combo Treats too – they’re yummy for the dogs, a great way to show our love, and they offer good things for them (skin care, joint care, vitamins).

Here are the highlights and what makes me smile…

  • No gluten, corn, wheat, soy, byproducts, antibiotics (those are in treats?), added hormones, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  And no BHA/BHT or ethoxyquin – I hate that word, because I can’t pronounce it.
  • The package has daily feeding guidelines, which is helpful for dog parents like me who tend to spoil with food.  It’s always eye opening when you realize that giving dogs treats every time they do something adorable just isn’t going to work.
  • The meat on the package is the first ingredient on the list!  Wow! Someone gets it!
  • The treats are smelly – we opened the salmon first and the dogs came tearing into the kitchen, barely able to maintain their site they were so excited.

I don’t have any cons about these treats. I’m really happy with the ingredients, the texture (they didn’t just gulp them down), and that our dogs love them.  I do, however, have cons about Dogswell.  Although the Jerky bars I reviewed are sourced and made in the US as well as other Dogswell products; they still carry jerky treats (not the bars) that are made in China and have chicken sourced in China.

From the Dogswell website…

Where are your products manufactured?  Most DOGSWELL products are manufactured in the US. Some of our treats are manufactured in China, but we hold these facilities to the same stringent quality standards we maintain at our US facilities. DOGSWELL sources its ingredients based upon where we find top quality ingredients and a high quality supplier whose facilities and practices meet our safety testing standards.” Go to the Quality Assurance, Dogswell page to learn more.

Have you found yourself reading the ingredients on your dog treats before buying?


Hot Guys and Their Dogs! 

I’m not a basketball fan, but when Douglas from the Detroit Pistons sent this to me, are you surprised that I watched it 5 times.  Jonas is adorable.  Hank is just a cuddly sweetie.  Yeah yeah, he bought from a breeder, but you know my thoughts – any dog who ends up in a happy, loving home is a win for us all!  I’m sure his next dog will be a rescue :)

I was compensated with free dog treats in exchange for an honest review of the products.  My review is 100% my own and truthful.

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