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Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Cookies, Dog Birthday

On May 2, 2012, my boyfriend’s gift to me was a dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and a puppy.  He said I could keep our foster Jovi, who we renamed Riley that night.  The next morning, Riley got sick and a week later she passed on from canine parvo virus.

I cried myself to sleep for three weeks.  I felt like I was crawling out of my skin.  I had so much frustration, confusion, anger and sorrow and I didn’t know where to put it so I started riding my bike for miles every day to exhaust myself.  I haven’t ridden my bike since.

This was the start of Keep the Tail Wagging, an online magazine for dog lovers.  I stopped trying to be what I thought was a traditional pet blogger and started writing from the heart.  Riley was the catalyst.  I miss her every single day.

A Birthday Gift for Me

I thought long and hard about what I wanted for my birthday and I had no clue.  Year 41 was full of drama – I was building a new blog, we lost a puppy, a certain person in my life made it her mission to make me miserable, and my mother stopped speaking to me.  Boo hoo – eye roll.  I decided that Year 42 was going to be much better.

Tattoo or Luggage – I have a tattoo of a blossom on my left wrist and thought I’d either have our dogs names added to the flower or have the sun added to my right wrist.  Then I thought it would be cool to have their names on my wrist in a Celtic script.  Then I remembered the pain of the first tattoo and purchased luggage with Fur Mom Blogger embroidered on them.

HandBags, Birthday Luggage, BlogPaws Luggage, Initials Inc, Christine Cox

My Wish List – My wish list is very long and quite spendy, but it’s fun to play around with a “if someone offers…” kind of situation.  So this is my wish list for my 42nd birthday.  Tell me if you’re surprised that the dogs are incorporated…

Canon PowerShot SX260 HS 12.1 MP – I love my DSLR, but it’s pretty big and I’d like something I can slip into my purse, but still takes amazing pictures.  We have three happy, bouncy, active dogs so it needs to be able to keep up with them by taking awesome still pictures as well as video – yep, I’m a technologically greedy.

Feeding the dog, dog and woman

A Toyota FJ Cruiser – I’ve heard that they have blind spots, but someone who drives one says that the mirrors compensate for them well.  I would love one of these, because the interior is made for a three dog home like ours and they hold their value really well.  It’s just a well made vehicle.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

An ASUS Full-HD 1080P Laptop – I love ASUS notebooks and I have one that is great, but I figure that since it’s my birthday and I can add anything to my wish list, I’ll take another ASUS notebook.  I need it for my blogging and photography.

My Work Desk, ASUS notebook

Old Navy Gift Card – I want to look good when I’m rocking muddy paw prints on my jeans.  I love Old Navy simply because they have jeans (the Sweetheart ones) that fit my bod!  I’m a slender woman, I’m 5’3” and I have a black woman’s curves that I work hard to keep in check.  This means that I have a smaller waist right above hips, booty, and thighs.  I buy all my clothing from Old Navy simply because I can rock their jeans and khakis.

Old Navy, Dogs Dog Moms Wear

Cheesecake and Burgers – I want a big piece of cheesecake too.  The kind at Cheesecake Factory.  In fact, I want several pieces just to sample each one.   I think this one will come true.  I just texted my best friend, Sarah.  Then I texted my other BFF, Hanna, about heading to the LunchBox Laboratory in Bellevue.  Oh yeah, I’m gettin’ my eat on.

Pizza Hut/WingStreet Sports Bar 8

I think the plan tomorrow will be to get up early and walk the dogs, come home and feed them breakfast, take a nap with them, then wake up, stretch, then go for another walk.  Sounds boring, but I think it’ll be the perfect day and I bet dog lovers will agree that it’ll be fun.

As a special surprise (and because I’ll be home on a weekday) I’m going to take them to a field we haven’t been to in a long time and let them run like crazy.  No one will be around to be bothered by our rowdiness and the dogs will sleep long and hard.

Thanks for reading my blog.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have made so many great friends online who have shared with me, taught me things, and supported me through the ups and downs of being a fur mom and pet blogger.  It’s been truly the best gift ever.

And for a special surprise for you!  I’ll be offering my new eBook, Easy Social Media Tips for Animal Rescue Groups, for free on May 1 and May 2.  Please tell your friends in rescue!

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