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Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier

I received a not so nice email from someone who felt that my mention of Cesar Milan in a positive light, well, sucked.  I completely understand where they’re coming from, because he has a bad reputation in some circles.  I don’t follow Cesar Milan’s training methods, but I wasn’t writing about his training, I was sharing that he’s saved dogs’ lives – something that I admire and appreciate.

I didn’t let the email get to me, because I do appreciate that I have readers that come from all walks of life and have different belief and value systems.  It’s because of you guys that I’m rockin’ it as a dog mom and pet blogger.  I count on others to share their point of view to help me expand my own.

So when I was flipping through an issue of Dog Fancy magazine, excitedly looking for my name, I saw that they have advertisements for dog breeders.

Uh oh.

Here’s the mantra…

  • Not all dog breeders are backyard breeders.
  • Plenty of reputable breeders advertise; I know lots of dog parents who drove hours to Eastern Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California to pick up their new puppy.
  • Not all dog breeders are bad.

Even with this repeating in my head, I still had that icky feeling, because I thought about a local breeder who is single handedly giving all reputable breeders a bad name.  She’s spent time in jail, she’s been fined up the ying-yang, and she’s still in business.  This is who I thought of when I saw the advertisements.

But then I thought of something else.

Maybe someone reading Dog Fancy will ready my name, will see “Keep the Tail Wagging,” and will like it enough to visit this site.  And here, they’ll learn about the wonders of dog rescue.  They’ll read articles by Amanda and understand what a reputable breeder is all about.  They’ll read articles by Gayle and want to adopt a blind or deaf dog.  They’ll read articles by me and Alycia and think that a multi-dog household is amazing.  They’ll read articles by Joan and feel better prepared to work with their dog on training.

Dog Fancy, Keep the Tail Wagging

Maybe being in Dog Fancy magazine isn’t being a sell out; maybe it’s showing people a different way.  Maybe when those same people scroll through the ads for breeders, they’ll have a list of questions to ask to determine if they’re speaking with a reputable breeder.

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