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Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier, A Novice With Moxie, Johan, Sydney, Rodrigo, Lake Wenatchee

My Family

Last year, my boyfriend surprised me with a Mother’s Day card.  It made my weekend.  Now I want it to be a tradition, because I do a hell of a lot of work raising our pets and I want a damn card.  My day starts at 4:45 am and ends at 9:30/10:00 pm.  When I get home during the week (5:30 pm), I don’t sit down until 8:00 pm.

There’s feeding, cleaning, walking, playing, snuggling, grooming, training, laughing, taking pictures and video, and yelling “stay in the yard – Rodrigo, BLUEEEE, GET BACK IN THE YARD!!!”  We live on 5 acres.

So this year, I want to do it up right and celebrate Fur Mother’s Day and came up with a wish list that I’m pretty proud of.  Check it out and please add your wish list in the comment below.  If you have a blog with a list, feel free to add it to the Link List below so others can check out your creativity!

  1. Massage – and not just any massage, I want one by a man that looks like Thor (sorry, Honey).  I want him to speak with a thick, Swiss or Dutch accent, and turn my body into a loose, wet noodle with his hands.  Sounds a little dirty, but I’m not asking for a Happy Ending; I just need these knots worked out.
  2. Mani / Pedi – I used to have nice nails (acrylics) and went for a manicure twice a month and a pedicure once a month during the summer/fall months.  This stopped soon after we adopted littermates.  I don’t want a full set, but a nice pampering will be lovely.
  3. Car Detail – my car is the dog car and it needs a bath inside and out.  I wash my car maybe once a month and vacuum out the interior several times a year, but I need a deep cleaning.  And it would be nice if they can buff out the evidence of Blue’s enthusiasm for my homecoming (scratches on the driver side door).
  4. A Treadmill – I love my elliptical, but sometimes it gets boring and I just want to walk briskly, maybe even run.  I do walk the dogs, but there are days when I would love to walk and read a book, walk and watch a DVD, walk and listen to my iPod.  Yes, I can do this any time on the Centennial Trail, and I do – but there are days here in the Pacific Northwest when I want to be dry and indoors.
  5. A Dog Play Room – technically not for me, but I need this; our dogs’ room is too small and my boyfriend has taken over most of the garage with a hobby he hasn’t touched in two months (TransAm restoration).  I would like to use the third bay of our garage (3 car garage) as the dogs’ play area – currently, I have 1/3 of the bay, and I want the entire thing.
  6. A 60’ Flat Panel Television – yeah, this one isn’t really for me either, it’s for my boyfriend.  But my thought process is that if he has a 60’ in the family room (where he watches his programs), we can shift that teeny 42’ into the living room (where I watch my programs) and my tiny 32’ into my workout room.  These are totally first world problems.
  7. Old Navy Shopping Spree – this is definitely for me.  I love Old Navy.  I’m a jeans and t-shirt gal and when I’m at work, I’m in khakis. I would love $300 to blow at my favorite store.  I’m starting to swim in my size 6 khakis – yayyyyyy, dog walking – and want to give those size 4’s a try.  I may be getting smaller, but I still have hips, thighs, and a butt that make it clear that I’m all female.
  8. A Business Coaching Session – I would love to spend someone familiar with marketing in the pet industry to work on the next steps for my business.  It would be so much fun to be able to see my business and all the possibilities through the eyes of a professional.
  9. 1 Week Vacation at a Lake – a couple years ago we rented a house on Lake Wenatchee and had the most amazing, relaxing time with the dogs and I want to do that again.  The house we rented is no longer available, but it’s not the only one and Lake Wenatchee isn’t the only lake.
  10. Alone Time – I love our dogs, so very much.  But when I’m home, they are all over me.  When I leave the room, within 15 minutes all three of the dogs are with me – in the kitchen, in the family room, in the office, outside the bathroom.  I love love love them, but I would enjoy some alone time.  I’ll take care of breakfast and then I want Johan to take them on their 3 mile walk, and then have a play session with them midday, and then take them on their evening walk.

Now it’s your turn!  What’s on YOUR Fur Mother’s Day wish list?

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