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Our Pet Food Budget | How We Save Money with Halo Pets Holistic Pet Food

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but I went to Petco for my monthly pet food run and couldn’t wait to get back and share that our pet food budget is really affordable.  Today I spent $113.  Our budget is about $100-$115 a month for 5 pets: 3 dogs and 2 cats.  In this video, I share how we were able to save money on Halo Pets natural, holistic pet food.

For those of you who plan to watch the video later, here’s a brief summary of what we buy each month.

1 – 28 pound bag of Halo Pets Spot’s Stew (we like the Salmon) kibble for dogs

1 – 2.2 ounce container of Halo Pet’s Liv-a-Littles 100% chicken breast protein treats (we sprinkle a little on their food)

1 – 6 pound bag of Halo Spot’s Stew (we like the Seafood Medley) kibble for cats

24 – 3 ounce cans of Halo Pets Spot’s Stew canned cat food
This may not seem like a lot, but the cat’s canned food will last 24 days, the 6 pound bag of kibble will last over a month.  The dog food will last a little more than a month and the treats are a big hit with the dogs and were on sale.

I signed up for the Halo Pet’s newsletter to get money saving coupons as well as great pet news.  I’m also a Petco Pet Pals member which gives me access to even more savings.


Disclaimer #1 – this is an independent review from a happy customer.  Halo Pets has not compensated me or Keep the Tail Wagging for this review.

Disclaimer #2 – this doesn’t include the treats we buy.  We love the Blueberry Waffle bulk treats at Petco ($4.50/pound twice a month) and bulk carrots (purchased at Costco (less than $4 per month).


  1. Hello,
    Have you tried making your own pet food from scratch? It’s super healthy and very inexpensive. Lots of good resources online and your vet will be able to provide recipes as well.
    Here are a couple of good sites on dog food, comparisons, different types, etc. Good luck! We make our own dog food and have saved a TON.

    Laura Bailey
    Loving Linus, This Blessing Bites
    A loving couple who knew nothing about dogs, adopts a dog who knew nothing about love.

    • Cooking for our dogs is difficult with my schedule. I tried to do it just on weekends, but I couldn’t always find the time. So now I cook for them as a treat 1x a month. Plus, for us, it was really expensive. We were shopping at Costco and shopping sales, but the food still amounted to a lot more than our budget allowed. I think if we had a connection with a butcher and a full size freezer where we could store the food we would be able to save money.

      I have a section with dog food recipes and I’m always looking for more so thanks for the links! I’ll check these out.


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