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When I came up with the idea of Keep the Tail Wagging, I wanted a site where I could make money.  I was taking an online blogging course (The Challenge) that guaranteed that participants would be making money before the course was done.  They were right!

I started blogging in 2009 and I’ve wanted to write about dogs all along and when we adopted Rodrigo and Sydney from FurKidz 911 Connection, I launched 365 Days of Puppies.  I shut it down about a month later after an Oregon dog trainer attacked me on Facebook for two straight days.  I didn’t dare approach pet blogging until I started The Challenge.

Inspiration behind Keep the Tail Wagging

Three things make up the foundation of Keep the Tail Wagging.

(1) Raising littermate puppies – there’s very little information online about it and most of the information I found discourages adopting two puppies at once.  If the potential fur parents are like me, then they won’t be discouraged by a few articles so I wanted to share my real experience with raising littermate puppies.

(2) I abhor the commercials with abused animals – they go on too long, the music now gives me the chills, and I only feel inspired to dive for the remote to change the channel (or just leave the room).  This goes for images on Facebook and other sites.  Keep the Tail Wagging is a “no images of abused animals” zone!

(3) I wanted to support dog rescue while promoting reputable breeders –  I hate when I see people go on the attack against breeders, lumping them all into the “puppy mill” category.  I’ve been called many nasty names by strangers simply because I don’t think all breeders are bad.

What I’ve learned through Keep the Tail Wagging

Being a pet blogger has opened up many opportunities for me to be a better person and a better fur mom.  Through connections with other bloggers, I’ve learned to speak up for our dogs, asking our vet questions, doing my own research, and connecting with others who can help me learn more.

I’ve also gained a little attention both locally and nationally, which has encouraged me to be more mellow.  There are days when people drive me NUTS, but I smile instead, because everyone is learning – people have been patient with me, so I need pay that forward.

My favorite articles

I’ve written most of the content on my site and choosing favorites hasn’t been easy, so instead I’ve chosen the ones that stand out the most:

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Ranting about the guy who threatened to kick Sydney

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15 questions you should ask before adopting a dog

5 pet bloggers you should get to know – I’m one of them!!!

How to Avoid Getting Your Head Bitten Off by the Dog Owner!!

My wish for 2013

This year I connected with many brands, including Petco, Petsmart, Halo Pets, Target, Fresh Pet, Trupanion and Merrick Pet Food.  I would like to expand that to more brands, including Kong, Natural Balance, and Nature’s Variety.

I want to triple the number of readers to my site and attract some paid advertisers.

I want to win a few blogging awards, speak at a blogging conference (or a few), and I’d like to meet Ellen Degeneres.

That’s not too much to ask for, right?


Thanks so much for following and reading Keep the Tail Wagging!  Please remember that you can always Suggest a Topic through the contact form.

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