50% Off Holiday Buddy Biscuits Chase Away My Bah Humbugs #CloudStar

December 10, 2013

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Bah Humbug!!!

Christmas used to be one of my favorite times of the year.  I don’t care about gifts (I can get my own gifts) or hanging out with family (I’ve always been a loner); what excites me are the children.

Strange since I’m not a kid person, but the best part about the holidays is the look of awe and wonder on the face of kids at the mall (on the rare occasions I’ll brave the mall).

But this year, I’m just not feeling it.  The only think I’m looking forward to this holiday season is the end of this crappy year!

It’s a good think I’m in therapy or else I would be in a closet, rocking back and forth chanting “blogging sucks” over and over again.

I told J that I was cancelling Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  How could I celebrate when I feel so crappy?

But then an Amazon.com package arrived with 4 boxes of the Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits - my friend reminded me about them, so I ordered a few – I smiled a little.  And seeing the dogs immediately plant their butts on the floor in a polite, and impatient, sit made me smile a lot.

Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits - Gingerbread Dog Treats

A few days later, another box arrived from Cloud Star!!!  These were a gift that gave me another reason to smile and we’re now stocked up for the holidays.

It was raining Holiday Buddy Biscuits at our house!  Our dogs believe that every package that arrives at our house is for them and Cloud Star helped cement that belief.

And a new holiday tradition was created.

Cloud Star is one of a handful of brands who make healthy dog treats I trust and I feel comfortable feeding to our dogs.

Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits - Gingerbread Dog Treats

Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits - Gingerbread Dog Treats

We divvy them out in moderation, but that doesn’t stop the littermates from sitting in front of the Treat Counter whenever they do something – potty, a cute look, a head on the lap, a shake…

Yep, they’re adorable.

Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits - Coupon Code

Click to Order NOW, because these sell out fast! I ordered 3 more boxes.

The other day I told Sydney that she’s my favorite Pretty Pretty Princess and she got up, wagged her tail and then wiggled her butt over to the Treat Counter.  Thanks Cloud Star!

Do you have a holiday tradition with your dogs?

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12 Responses to “50% Off Holiday Buddy Biscuits Chase Away My Bah Humbugs #CloudStar”

  1. Jen@MyBrownNewfies Says:

    I’ve had a pretty crappy year with Sherman’s injury and losing my job. I’m really looking to next year and starting a new chapter and new adventures.

    I’m a HUGE fan of CloudStar treats and Sherman and Leroy absolutely loved the Holiday Buddy Biscuits!


  2. Maria Sadowski Says:

    Oooh, these look good, bet my gang would love them. Add-to-cart! Thank you for the tip! =D
    Maria Sadowski recently published..Donte’s Den – constructing a doggie-haven in FloridaMy Profile


  3. Oz the Terrier Says:

    Oh Miss Kimberly, don’t let all the yucky people (crazy business owners, trolls, online bullies, and the dog mom haters) ruin your holiday. Don’t give them that power…they surely do NOT deserve it (just as you did NOT deserve their ignorant rants and comments).

    I’ve read several posts now about these Buddy Biscuits. They must be delicious if the litter mates are stalking them!
    *Cairn cuddles*
    Oz the Terrier recently published..Holiday Treat Guide for Tasty TuesdayMy Profile


  4. Cathy Bennett Says:

    Kim – It’s okay. You are entitled to a tsunami of emotions this year. Harley & Leo said so!
    Go with it and “do you”
    Doodle hugs from me to you :)


  5. Amanda Yantos Says:

    I just made homemade treats for Wynston, which I always do, but for this batch I used a gingerbread cut out!! I am not a kid person either so rest assured Wynston will be getting lots of toys from Santa.


  6. emma Says:

    We are trying to do up Christmas since it is a first for Bailie, but otherwise it is not real special at our house. If we had a big family to get together with it would be different but it ends up being not much different than other days at our house. Buddy Biscuits do improve the mood, and we need to make sure Mom doesn’t start eating them since she says they smell good enough for her to eat!
    emma recently published..Tropical Beauty | GBGV | {This Moment} See BeautifulMy Profile


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