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We live in a multi dog home.  We have three gorgeous dogs and I adore them.  They’re my babies.  I love that we rescued all three of them.  Rodrigo and Sydney’s mom was rescued from a property where the owners had over 100 dogs.  I won’t go into details, but I’m sure you can imagine the life she led.  Her puppies haven’t had a moment of unhappiness if you don’t count “time out” or their parents leaving for work in the morning.  Blue was a stray that was turned into a shelter and found his way into our happy home (thanks to Riley holding open the door for him).

Three Black Dogs, Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue

Adopting 2 puppies at the same time…

When we were considering (when I say we, I mean me) adopting two puppies at the same time, many people said it was a bad idea, because they would bond to each other and not us, they would be difficult to train, and they would fight and hurt each other.  We didn’t experience any of this, but we were also prepared (thanks to all the warnings).

Adopting a third dog…

When I was considering adding a third dog, a coworker told me one thing that made me slow down – “Sydney will never forgive you.”  I’m happy to say that Sydney has forgiven me, but the addition of a third dog does change the dynamic of our home.

I’m “mommy.”  I’m the person who cuddles them when they need attention, they they’re scared, or when they’re hurt.  They love my boyfriend too, but I’m the one who they follow around the house.  It’s sweet and it’s a burden; especially when a puppy is howling outside the bathroom door.  Jeez!

Three Black Dogs, Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue

Three Black Dogs, Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue

How adopting a third dog changed the dynamics of our family

We expected changes, but we didn’t expect what we got…

  • More cleaning, more laundry.  That’s a no brainer, right?  But what we didn’t expect was that Blue would be a water dog and dives into all bodies of water, including our Koi pond (the fish LOVE him).  So we have to clean more, because he’s always wet and muddy.
  • More food.  Blue’s a puppy so he sometimes eats more than the other dogs and we had to find the balance of feeding two 70 pound dogs and feeding one 50 pound dog.  On the suggested feeding charts, our dogs fall into two categories.
  • More accidents.  Rodrigo weighs 70 pounds, when Blue joined our family, he weighed about 10 pounds and was determined to play with Rodrigo.  There was a lot of supervised play, but accidents happen and for the first time we considered pet insurance and invested in Trupanion.
  • More competition.  Our dogs have never been food possessive, but they are very much Mommy possessive.  There are days when I walk into a room and Rodrigo is getting worked up to bark at me, Sydney is growling at Blue and Rodrigo, and Blue immediately jumps into my space demanding love.  There’s one of me and three of them and I’ve had to set rules on who gets attention and when; this is new in our home.  It’s easy to divide attention between two dogs, but three (when one is a puppy) is a complicated dance.
  • More energy.  With a puppy in the house, we’ve been trying to remember when Rodrigo and Sydney settled down.  Regardless of that magic date, I somehow think Blue will be different.  What’s interesting is the Blue’s seemingly bottomless pit of energy is spurring on the other two.  Rodrigo wakes up, kisses Mommy, then goes after Blue for a rumble/tumble play session.  Even Sydney has jumped in with loud barking and growling.  This starts at 4:45 in the morning.  Yayyyy.
  • More money.  I told myself that we’re just adding a dog; we already have to buy the toys and food.  Sounds a little like a kid promising to walk the dog every single day no matter what – please can I have a puppy?  Although I’ve become adept at finding an affordable budget for our pets, I’ve had to get creative and found that saving money on pet accessories is easy through our Petco Pet Pals membership, coupons, and trying to find pet vouchers on Amazon.


Do you live in a multi dog home?  What changes did you experience that you didn’t anticipate?


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