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In Memory of Ape | Killing a Police Dog Should Be a Felony Everywhere

Police Dog 2

The above image isn’t Ape.

I was introduced to Ape by Josh who writes the Far North Kennel blog.  He’s very passionate about spreading the word about  the laws surrounding the killing of a police dog.  In Washington State, it’s a felony to kill a police dog; the crime is treated with the same weight as killing a human officer…

Facebook Post Sharing the Far North Kennels Article

Facebook Post Sharing the Far North Kennels Article

“Police Dogs are awesome to watch. They are highly trained, methodical in their work and are stunning creatures. In New York, killing a police dog is now a felony. Here’s why.”

Read more…

When I started Keep the Tail Wagging, I wanted avoid sad stories, but I haven’t done that – I’ve managed to keep them to a minimum.

  • My story about a family who took their dog in to be put down, because she developed separation anxiety had a happy ending, because the family was talked into surrendering their dog instead and FurKidz 911 Connection was able to take and foster the dog until they found Breena a new home.
  • My story about losing Riley to canine parvo virus had a happy ending , because we learned how vulnerable puppies are and we met Blue, a dog who has Riley’s spirit and is a welcome addition to our family.
  • My story about the dog who was abandoned on a hike, pissed me off along with everyone else, but there was a happy ending, because the dog was rescued by dog lovers who came together to help and the owner was charged with animal cruelty.

And this story has a happy ending, because laws are changing and I hope to see that these laws expand to protect all animals.

Animal cruelty is a Class C Felony in Washington State and carries up to a 5 year prison term.  To learn about the animal cruelty laws in your state, you can check out the State Animal Cruelty Laws page on the ASPCA’s site.


  1. How many police dogs are killed every year? It’s not something I’ve ever really thought about.

    • I don’t know the answer and couldn’t find any stats on line (but I didn’t look beyond page on of search results). But I think fewer than I’d imagine. I can’t even recall a local death.

  2. I found a couple of things.

    This is probably most detailed (middle column, scroll down):


    The website reports that two police dogs have been killed by falls since tracking began in 1912, but it’s unclear if police are required to submit their dogs’ cause of death, as some other statistics for K-9’s killed in the line of duty seem low.

    Other sites, such as the National Service Knowledge Network, say that “unofficial” statistics estimate at least a dozen police dogs die each year. Each one of these dogs cost a minimum of $8,000.

    This is from 2009:

    Since 1965, according to statistics compiled by the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association, 29 police dogs across the country have been killed by friendly fire, the latest this year during a raid in California. Another 110 have been killed by suspects with guns, including five this year, and 25 have been fatally stabbed.

    • Thank you so much! I can’t wait to dig into these links!!!


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